Sunday, March 25, 2012

Will I Survive.....

I might.

Cause my choice of weapons are my brain and my voice.

Just like in all strategy games, the first thing I would do is make alliances, with EVERYONE. Then I wait for them to kill each other out, while I camp and mind my own business.

Then, when it's me against my last alliance, I'll just hope he or she would starve to death. Though, most probably, I might end up being killed in the end by an opponent with physical skills.

I know I'm giving out my secret, but hey, its a good way to play games. The Hunger Games in fact.

When playing Risk (on Facebook), I usually make alliances that would, most of the time, bring me to the final two. There, if I have enforced my lands well, I can take down my opponent pretty fast. If I have not, I would settle for second. Better 2nd than last right?

But making alliances is not all that, it's important to have a way with words too. You have to be convincing.

I'm pretty good with 'Bluff', the card game (if you have not played it, you should try it). Most of the time, I win the game, not because I'm very good at bluffing or spotting a bluff, but because I can convince someone to call a bluff before my turn comes. I either rear them in to believe that I'm bluffing, which I'm not, or, I spot a bluff and make them call it on someone. At the end, I finish my pile of cards first.

Some people would say that's cunning. I say, that's being smart; you win by not getting your hands dirty!

So, here's my question to you, do you think you could survive the hunger games? If so, how would you play it?