Friday, November 25, 2011


Dear God,

7pm marks of the time of which my book cover would start printing. And I am fearful it might not come out the way it should be, since I did not get the chance to see it yet. The printer asked me to trust her, but I declare that my faith is not in men but in You.

1k copies is a lot, and I would not deny that I am very worried that it would not come out the way it should. But this book has been under your supervision since it started and I pray that you would take over this last task at making sure the cover is perfect. I may not be there to see the outcome, but I pray that you would have your eyes on it and that you would help me guide the printers to make the book cover good.

Please help me and assure me that everything is going to come out the way it is suppose to be. I do not have any control as of now, and I have faith that you will always have my back.

I'm once again putting my faith in You oh God. May my faith not be shaken but be strengthened through your grace and love.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Thank you God

It's thanksgiving, and even though I have never celebrated it before (just not a culture in my country) it is never too late or too early to be grateful for the things I have in life.

So for this post, it's time to say Thank you God for:

1) Putting people in my life, both family & friends
2) Giving me Inspiration/ Ideas/ and lots of brain juice
3) Blessing me with gifting and talents
4) Guiding me in my first book!
5) Helping me score good grades
6) Taking care of daily needs
7) And giving me grace and faith to achieve my dreams, & His of course.

What are YOU thankful for? Take some time to think about it today. After all, it IS thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Latest Nine

What happens when you have too many TV series to choose from? You can't possibly watch all could you? Of course not.

Personally, I try not to follow more than 10 TV series. It gives me a headache as I have to remember when to download them.

So these are my latest 9:

#1 Desperate Housewives
I have been following this series since it started. A big fan and will always be. It is one of the best series that never gets boring over time, unlike the new ones that die out pretty quickly.

#2 Family Guy
I started watching FG when a friend introduced me to it. I remember insulting the series because of a talking baby, but now I'm in love with Stewie. Even though this series is pretty slow some days, but it is a great one to waste your time on.

#3 90210
Initially I wasn't interested in this one, but as I picked it up, it got so much better.
One of the best series I always look forward to.

#4 The Vampire Diaries
I started watching this series because I read the books. And even though the story and plot does not follow the book completely, it is still pretty good. Unlike the Secret Circle, which is by the same author of The Vamp Diaries, which was such a bore that I quit watching it after 2 episodes.

#5 Glee
I'm not a gleek, but I do enjoy Glee. It isn't my favourite series, but it is very entertaining. How can I not watch Blaine, in all his hotness, singing and dancing?!

#6 The Walking Dead
Just like The Vampire Diaries, I decided to watch this series because I picked up the comic in the beginning of this year. The comic is great, the series not so. The only reason why I'm still watching this is because I want to see how true to the comic this series is going to stay.

#7 Pretty Little Liars
It's the younger version of Desperate Housewives, well, sort of. I wasn't big on this series at first, and then it got interesting and so I continued watching it. Not my fav though.

#8 Grimm
This is a new TV series. It has a similar flow as Supernatural, but the only difference is that it ain't ghosts, instead it's fairy tales gone scary. I love the cinematography and the editing, and I love how they twist the fairy tale concept into horror. I personally enjoyed it.
(Even though I very much disliked Supernatural)

#9 Once Upon a Time
Also a new TV series, in which a friend introduced. I think, by far, this is my new fav series. It has so much fantasy that I'm immediately in love with it. You should check it out if you are a fantasy lover like me. Yes, go check it out right now! Highly recommended.

I have a feeling the zombie fever is over and the fantasy bug has just swept across the entertainment industry. I'm so looking forward for more!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011



This blog is barely read I presume. The only reason I'm getting traffic these days is because I look like a Mulan someone drew. HAHA!

Anyway, today, I just wanna say, that, (notice the scattered amount of commas? Yea, I'm thinking.), I feel unprofessional every time someone, tells me, that I have grammatical errors in my writing. And when this happens too often, I tend to wonder what will happen if they read my book, will they look for errors there too? Cause I'm sure there isn't. But if people actually STARE will they find any?

Everyone makes mistakes. I bet Rowling, Tolkien, Stine, Collins, and all those best selling authors make mistakes too. No way Hosea, can someone actually write a one time flawless work, and even if they have gone through it a million times, I bet there is still an error somewhere. That's why proofreaders exists, BUT you have to pay for their professionalism.

So why do I feel so horrid every time I'm told I have an error?

That's why I try so hard, on every post, to make sure there isn't any. Frankly, I don't like being told I have errors, because when I am, people can read them, and then people would think, "She's so unprofessional, I'm not going to read anything else she writes." Does that scenario actually make sense?

I don't know.

Maybe it's the nerves. First book coming out in December and I'm worried of what people think. Why do I keep thinking its a make it or break it situation when I can always keep trying? I don't know.

Blame it on the nerves.