Friday, July 19, 2013

What Would I Do With 25,000 Ringgit?

When my beta readers got back to me on the ratings of my submission for a writing competition, I thought, 'How nice would it be to be the winner'.

I did not have high hopes for this piece of work of mine, because it was not the genre I normally write. But seeing that both readers (who are trustworthy friends of mine) rated 4.5 out of 5, I think I might have a chance... I might.

So lets just say I win the grand prize of 25,000 Ringgit, what would I do with it?

It's very simple for me:

#1 I'll use 10k to pay off some of my car loan. I hate being in debts.
#2 I'll give 5k to God.
#3 I'll save the rest of the money.

I won't spend on myself.. well, technically paying my car loan is spending on myself, but I won't buy new stuff because I don't need to. The money is better off in a place where it can slowly increase.

Anyways, these are just day dreams. To see if it really happens, one has to wait till next year for the results. (I have not even submitted my work yet. Lol)

If God willing, I'll win, if not, I'll self publish. Simple as that :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Favourite Running Man

Me joining this bandwagon was a little late. But better late than never, right?

I started watching this Korean variety show a month ago, and in those weeks I've watched as many old episodes as possible. I'm not big on K-pop, and I never will be, but somehow Running Man was able to 'oust' TVB dramas.

I used to watch TVB as much as I could, especially shows with Raymond Lam Fung. He was and still is my favourite TVB actor. I actually managed to watch all his shows that are available online, and boy, I wished there were more! But after discovering Running Man, TVB has been sidelined.

So, me being me, I always have a favourite in whatever show I watch. I just have to have someone to root for, and in Running Man... its Dong Hoon a.k.a HaHa.

I know, I know, he's not as hot as Jong Kook or Raymond Lam for that matter, but I just enjoy watching him. He has such a funny personality that makes me cheer for him every time. I always catch myself shouting at the TV for HaHa to win or to run. Yes, I know many prefer hunky JK... I just prefer comical HaHa.

BUT if HaHa gets ripped too early in the game, I still have a few others to root for. 

Lets just say I do get a chance to participate in Running Man, the people I want on my team would be HaHa and JK. If I could pick one more, it would be Ji Hyo. Those three are the best to watch, in my opinion.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Peter In Me

I feel like Peter sometimes. You know, the guy who said he would never betray Christ but still did?

Now, why do I feel that way?

Well, it is not that I am forced to tell the world I believe in God, but I feel this way because of my relationship with God.

Often times, people think Christianity is like every other religion. You do good, you do not sin, and you go to heaven. Well, truth be told, that is a wrong perception.

Christianity is not a religion but a relationship. You might have heard of this statement before, but you might not fully understand it. To grasps the idea is simple. Just think of God as your friend, father, counsellor and everything you want Him to be. THAT requires a relationship.

I believe I have a pretty good relationship with God. Sure, I mess up sometimes, but that does not change our relationship. Ever since I was a kid (having grown up in a Christian family) I always saw God as a friend. When I was in high school, I saw him as a father. Today, I see him as a counsellor, my muse, my father and best friend.

Given that relationship, I feel bad sometimes choosing not to mention Him. When I face situations where it requires me to say that God is my friend to strangers, I hesitate. It takes a few seconds to question if I should do it or not, even though most of the time I eventually do.

This scenario is similar to going to a party with your best friend and then hesitating to admit that that person is your best friend to a stranger. It’s strange isn’t it? 

I guess the hesitation comes with the fact that many people these days don’t believe in God. Worst still, some judge you just because you do! They call you stupid, narrow-minded, delusional and weak. Nobody likes to be called that. 

Living in a world as such, I have to constantly remind myself that it does not matter what others think of me, but what God thinks of me. After all, He is my truest friend and strangers would remain strangers. 

It is definitely easier said than done, but I'm learning to live with that faith. At the end of the day, this would only make my relationship with God better.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ticking Off Last Year's Plans

So I wrote a post in August 2012 on my plans. Let's see how many have I accomplished, since it's almost a year now.

1) to send my self published book to publishing houses after I graduate. 
  I sent, but was rejected. No matter.

2) to do a video when I hit 900 subs on my official writers blog.
☑Now that I'm hitting the 2,000 mark, I might do another video.

3) to go on vacation after I grad and write my second book.
☐ Never went cause I changed my mind.

4) to make enough money and have a website next year.
 I don't think I'll be buying a webbie anytime soon. I have the money, but I just don't want to.

5) to make my final film project for my degree a good one, so people can use it to spread awareness.
☑ This is old news. LOL

6) to increase my client base in ghostwriting.
I have a good job now. I don't need clients.

7) to graduate on top of the class. 
☑ Yup. I did.

8) to tick each of this off once they are done, so that I will do what I have planned to do.
I guess its a ☑ here too. Number 3 does not really count.

Well, it looks like I've done it all!

Good job, Jeyna!

Crazy Dreams

Apparently your dreams have to scare you. If they don't, then they are too small. I don't quite agree, but for the sake of this post, I will conform for a few minutes.

Based on this quote, the dreams I have now are too small. So, I think I should add more craziness to fatten it up.

Since wanting to be an internationally known author with books being made into movies is not crazy enough to scare me, I thought of a few more things I would like to do before I die.

Here is a list of other crazy dreams I hope to achieve:

#1 Befriend Raymond Lam

I don't want to just meet him, I want to be his friend. This sounds just like every fan out there, but yea. I think he's really cool, and me mentioning him for the third time on this blog says something.

#2 Be a guest on Running Man

I want to feel the adrenaline rush and the fear of being chased. 

I also want to try this thing called 'betrayal' because naturally, I won't do it in real life. 

Plus, the coolest part of being a guest on Running Man is getting to meet the hosts! I mean, come on, who doesn't want to meet them? (Especially HaHa for me.)

#3 Write a song with Adam Young

I blogged about him before and I stated why I think he's so talented and awesome. 

I just want to write an out-of-this-world song with him that will make people attempt at listening to the lyrics instead of just grooving to the beat.

#4 Play a game with Pewdiepie

I'm a casual gamer, and that says it all. I just want one game with him; not horror hopefully, cause I hate horror games. 

Just one happy game with Pewds and I'll be on my jolly gaming way.

So, those are it! All 4 crazy dreams that may or may not come through. 

I personally believe these dreams can only be achieved after I'm internationally known. Working in my current company may get me a little closer to the Asia fame-zone, being that I write a Hello Kitty mag (you know how crazy people can get with Hello Kitty, right?), but it still might not get me on Running Man.

So, I think I'll just have to keep working on my writing. At the same time, I can always plan strange coincidences where I get to achieve these crazy dreams. Who knows? They might work!