Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Was 100% Sure Of Failure

Today, I went for my driving exam. It was a long day of waiting, occasional pulse racing, and the inability to write eligible. 

After passing my circuit exam, and getting scolded for driving out of route, I waited a long time for my road exam. When my turn finally came, my nerves got the best of me. 

Throughout the day, I was asking God to help me. To keep me calm and to help me pass, but somehow keeping calm was not an order that my brain had sent out to my body. So, when I was finally on the road I almost hit a parked police car. The driving inspector even grabbed my steering wheel, and lectured something inaudible to my clouded mind. 

I know... I know... I know... you need not say it. 

At the roundabout, the driving inspector told me to turn back (by then, I was certain I was going to fail!). But because I heard him too late, I continued down the route. He had no choice but to sit through the entire ordeal, because the mistakes did not stop there. On every junction, he kept telling me to go but I was always too slow because of fear. You see, the car I was driving then had an RPM of 1, but the car I learned on had an RPM of 2. The car would not freaking move the way I wanted it too (nor fast enough), and it was so easy to panic.

But after I got through all the junctions and hit the final stretch, I was forced to stop behind a car with my gear at 3. The inspector told me to lower the gears, and my car was not moving for a while because I had to change gears. And just like in every worst case scenario, there was a short pile up behind me. 

Yea, you would fail me too if you were my driving inspector, I'm sure. Those people in the cars piled up behind me would have thought the same too.

Throughout the entire journey, which was probably around 10 minutes, I knew I was going to fail. I was 100%  sure, that I was prepared to retake the test on another day. But even with that in mind, I asked God to do a miracle. Because ONLY a miracle would have got me out of the car with relief.

Little did I expect, when I finally returned to my starting point, the inspector mumbled something as one would when they are about to give you a chance, AND he passed me! 

Now that is a miracle! A least expected one!

Even I wouldn't pass myself and he did! You have no idea how happy I was when my hand struggled to sign the grading paper. 

There is no doubt that me passing this exam was God's work. If you are my friend, you wouldn't want me to drive you just yet, but you should be convinced that God had my back.

I can't thank God enough, and all I can do is give him a visualized hug over and over again. I still find it hard to believe that I passed, and now I'm more convinced that God is never short of miracles.

This incident is another show of God's faithfulness, love, and support for me. I'm so glad I have him in my life :) 

Thank you God! You are my hero!