Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lets talk education...


I'm in my final year in my Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in Digital Film and Television, and after 3 years in my university, I've only done 2 short films.

Sure, I did other really small projects, some visual effects, some animations and some conceptualizing art, but ONLY 2 short films.

Lets just say the film education in my country isn't good. Not only is the course scarce among universities and colleges, but the standard is not there. That is why most students who wanna learn film go to other countries for a tougher education.

As far as I know, only my university and the National Arts Academy (Akademi Seni Kebangsaan) offers this course. And in A.S.K, they teach in Bahasa Malaysia.

I once inquired about their script writing course and they said they teach in Bahasa Malaysia. I cant be learning to write scripts in Malay if I ever wanna go to Hollywood right?

During my course of study, a few of my friends have left. One went to France to continue his film degree and the feedback he has given us makes us wanna go to France too!

Some of my friends drop out or change course, and that's how it's like.

Personally, I would have gone any where else around the world instead of here, but because I didn't have the money to study in London, New York, or even Singapore, I decided to stay. (Also because I got a scholarship from my uni :))

If you want to study film, go somewhere else. Maybe in due time the education would improve, maybe one day when we fellow Malaysian film graduates return to help in the film education, it could get better. Maybe we could be the ones that make a difference?

But as of now, I just wanna graduate, and find a job, that might not even be in line with Film or Television.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

God Knows...

If you haven't known by now, I'm a christian. I was born in a Christian family, but I personally accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at around the age of 8.

They say growing up in a Christian family has its pros and cons. I personally experienced more pros, due to the fact that I've known who God is all my life and that everyday, I learn more and more about him.

I may not have experienced the miraculous turn around in which most Christians do because I grew up with God as a member of my family, but I have experienced him so much more in different ways.

Yes, to be completely honest, I sometimes grow tired of pitching up for church meetings, and sometimes choose not to be involve in church so much (but I still serve in ministries even though I get the lazy dread-like feeling, which comes and goes in different seasons of my life), but my personal relationship with God is like an old friend and a loving father, who has watched me grow up and has been teaching me ever since I was born.

It's a different kind of relationship. Compare a friend you grew up with and a friend you've just known when in high school, or in university, its different isn't it?

I'm not saying that if you're not born in a Christian family, God treats you differently, no. Everyone has a different relationship with God, and mine just feels like the childhood friend.

And having God as a childhood friend is like having a new revelation in every situation.

Yesterday I learnt that God knows how it's like being rejected and today I learnt that God knows what I want, and believe it or not, He paves the way of giving me what I want if it honors him. God loves me so much that He would do that for me!

No one can ever, or will ever, love me as much as God does. I'm so glad I have him in my life, and for all these years, he has been nothing but a blessing.

So for February 14, 2012, I would like God to be my Valentine. I may not love Him as much as He loves me, but He knows where I am.

God, thank you for being my best friend, the shoulder to cry on, my loving father and the most amazing teacher and guide in my life. I love you!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Conversation with a friend

"Are you o.k?"

"Last year till this year has been horrible," she told me.

"Why? It wasn't all that bad, I would know," I asked her in return.

"Yea, there were good times, but I've never been hurt so badly before. It hurts so much I would rather not feel anymore. I've took so long to deal with one issue, and then another, but it seems like it'll never end. There is always a reason for me to cry in bed."

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so stand a little taller after this." I tried to sound convincing.

"I think it's killing me, so how can I stand when I'm so afraid he'll never love me again?"

"That's why we have God. He'll save you from getting killed. If this feels like death, then just ask Him to save you."

"I already did."

"Then let Him take care of this. Since He has already taken care and healed all the past wounds you had last year."

"I know. But I just feel so tired, and I don't wanna do anything anymore."

"Listen, the enemy is trying to take you down, don't let him do that. He makes you vulnerable every time you are about to do good and great things for God. Isn't that so freaking obvious? He is using your past and your attachment to a guy to mess you up whenever you are about to do something for God. DON'T let him win."

"But it's hard!"

"You have been through it before, it's not hard. Trust God, let Him clean up the mess for you, and don't let the enemy win. Cause if the enemy wins, you have just missed out on the great things God has planned for you."


"Lets stay strong alright?"

"O.k. Lets!"

Above is my conversation with a good friend, in which I have cracked the enemy's evil plan.

And as I've mentioned, the enemy loves to take you down whenever you are about to do great things for God. He finds your weakness, strikes at it hard and makes you lose hope on everything else, even though the matter is so small compared to the ones out in the world.

When the enemy strikes so hard, you know that what God is about to do in you is going to be great, so never, ever, let the enemy win. You'll be losing out on what God has installed for you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This music video is from the film The Sorcerer and The White Snake.

The English lyrics translations I found were rather sucky, so I rearranged the words around hoping to keep the original meaning and to have it fit the song better, even though I don't speak Chinese.
*If there is a misinterpretation, let me know.

The reason why I did this is because this film was so touching and so is the song. So for me to remember it better, I should have an English version for myself.

Promise (Performed by Raymond Lam and Eva Huang)

Thousands of years I've waited to meet you,
But it takes an instant to love you,
With me our love is an adventure,
And I will risk all my life just for you.

Just your sigh can make me feel the pain,
The tears I shed for you are oh so sweet,
Though this world changes my heart will not,
The memories are eternal,
And for you, I will do everything.

Living for you is my only promise,
What else is there to fear loosing if I lost you?
Our love ain't wrong, for only happiness we seek,
Even time can never tear us apart.

Your black hair are always in my memories (Your beautiful eyes I miss)
The tears I shed for you are oh so sweet (Our love makes this world go round)
Day by day, year by year,
Though this world changes, my heart will not,
And because of you, our love will breathe again.

Living for you is my only promise,
What else is there to fear loosing if I lost you?
Our love ain't wrong, for only happiness we seek,
Even time can never tear us apart.

Living for you is my only promise (I'll wait for you forever)
What else is there to fear loosing if I lost you? (I'll wait for you forever)
Just for you, these pains I will bear (Love is not wrong)
Even time can never tear us apart.

(Now can someone do a cover in English please?)