Monday, February 13, 2012

Conversation with a friend

"Are you o.k?"

"Last year till this year has been horrible," she told me.

"Why? It wasn't all that bad, I would know," I asked her in return.

"Yea, there were good times, but I've never been hurt so badly before. It hurts so much I would rather not feel anymore. I've took so long to deal with one issue, and then another, but it seems like it'll never end. There is always a reason for me to cry in bed."

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so stand a little taller after this." I tried to sound convincing.

"I think it's killing me, so how can I stand when I'm so afraid he'll never love me again?"

"That's why we have God. He'll save you from getting killed. If this feels like death, then just ask Him to save you."

"I already did."

"Then let Him take care of this. Since He has already taken care and healed all the past wounds you had last year."

"I know. But I just feel so tired, and I don't wanna do anything anymore."

"Listen, the enemy is trying to take you down, don't let him do that. He makes you vulnerable every time you are about to do good and great things for God. Isn't that so freaking obvious? He is using your past and your attachment to a guy to mess you up whenever you are about to do something for God. DON'T let him win."

"But it's hard!"

"You have been through it before, it's not hard. Trust God, let Him clean up the mess for you, and don't let the enemy win. Cause if the enemy wins, you have just missed out on the great things God has planned for you."


"Lets stay strong alright?"

"O.k. Lets!"

Above is my conversation with a good friend, in which I have cracked the enemy's evil plan.

And as I've mentioned, the enemy loves to take you down whenever you are about to do great things for God. He finds your weakness, strikes at it hard and makes you lose hope on everything else, even though the matter is so small compared to the ones out in the world.

When the enemy strikes so hard, you know that what God is about to do in you is going to be great, so never, ever, let the enemy win. You'll be losing out on what God has installed for you.

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