Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lets talk education...


I'm in my final year in my Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in Digital Film and Television, and after 3 years in my university, I've only done 2 short films.

Sure, I did other really small projects, some visual effects, some animations and some conceptualizing art, but ONLY 2 short films.

Lets just say the film education in my country isn't good. Not only is the course scarce among universities and colleges, but the standard is not there. That is why most students who wanna learn film go to other countries for a tougher education.

As far as I know, only my university and the National Arts Academy (Akademi Seni Kebangsaan) offers this course. And in A.S.K, they teach in Bahasa Malaysia.

I once inquired about their script writing course and they said they teach in Bahasa Malaysia. I cant be learning to write scripts in Malay if I ever wanna go to Hollywood right?

During my course of study, a few of my friends have left. One went to France to continue his film degree and the feedback he has given us makes us wanna go to France too!

Some of my friends drop out or change course, and that's how it's like.

Personally, I would have gone any where else around the world instead of here, but because I didn't have the money to study in London, New York, or even Singapore, I decided to stay. (Also because I got a scholarship from my uni :))

If you want to study film, go somewhere else. Maybe in due time the education would improve, maybe one day when we fellow Malaysian film graduates return to help in the film education, it could get better. Maybe we could be the ones that make a difference?

But as of now, I just wanna graduate, and find a job, that might not even be in line with Film or Television.

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