Friday, November 29, 2013

Slow Down!

I've been told by different people that some of my works could have been longer. 

Some said I could drag it on a little because it was too fast paced, while others said it could be a trilogy. I agree with them, but once I finish a story it's like a balloon filled with air and tied shut. To untie and add more air is not that easy.

So wanting to decrease those comments, I've decided to slow down and take a breather. You see, I'm the kind of person that loves cliff hangers and fast paced stories, hence I try to end most of my chapters with cliff hangers. I also cut out all the not-so-fast-paced parts and avoid writing them. It's a habit.

Now that I am able to see what I'm doing, always making my stories too snappy, I've learned to add in breather chapters where nothing fast paced happens, simply to give space for characters to grow. Honestly, I dread writing those chapters because they seem so slow and uneventful to me, BUT I'm learning to incorporate them.

I guess this is something all writers should learn to balance in their works. You shouldn't speed like a race car nor should you inch your way like a snail. If you see room for your story to expand, add some breathers. But if you see your story dragging on aimlessly, cut it. A few words extra or less could make your story better.

So, if you're a writer, which one are you? The one that needs to expand your story or the one that needs to cut it? 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finally, Attending To A Nomination

Over the years of blogging, I’ve received a couple of blog awards on my writer’s blog. But because I wanted to keep my writer’s blog strictly for my written works, I did not do the ‘follow up’ on them.

This time around, I received another Liebster award for my writer’s blog. And since the blogger wrote his post on BlogSpot, I thought I might as well do it on my BlogSpot too. I know, it makes no sense.

Before I go on, I just wanna thank everyone that has nominated me in the past. It means a lot to know you think I am worthy of an award. So thank you so much!

Anyway, I would not be nominating any specific blogger on this post because I’ve read a lot of blogs and I think every blog is unique in its own way. For me to pick is like choosing favourites. Hence I’ve decided to nominate all my readers. If you’ve stumbled upon this, you’ve been nominated!

Now, it’s time to get to the questions I was asked!

#1 Who is your God Father?

I don’t have a godfather. Unless you mean God Father in heaven then it is God himself.

#2 What/Who is your inspiration in writing?

Same answer as above.

#3 Do you like sensibility?

It’s a good value to like. So yes, I suppose.

#4 Have you ever kissed anyone? How does it feel?

Yes. It feels like heaven when you kiss a cute baby.

#5 What do you want to do? Follow? Lead? Play your part?

What I want depends on the situation. I lead when necessary, I follow when necessary, I play my part when necessary.

#6 Are you an open book? Is there any secret about you that no one other than you knows?

I’m not an open book. Like a treasure map, there will always be something you miss out.

#7 Do you believe in voluntary actions or forceful actions?

Voluntary. Forcing makes no difference. The person forced will not have a change of heart anyway.

#8 Who according to you is noble?

Individuals who give their lives to serve others. 

#9 Who is your favourite fictitious character and why?

Draco. He is good looking, misunderstood, and could have been a great wizard if brought up differently.

#10 In whose presence do you feel most comfortable?

My immediate family. We are probably too comfortable among each other.

Now on to the questions for YOU, if you would be so kind to receive this award:

1. If you could be a character in a book, who would you be?
2. If you could fly, where would go?
3. If you were the last person on earth, would you continue living?
4. If you could have one fictional weapon, what would it be?
5. If today repeats itself, what would you do differently?
6. A mansion in the countryside or a studio apartment in the city?
7. Kill or be killed?
8. Zombie apocalypse or alien invasion?
9. Reality or fiction?
10. Immortality or dying rich?

Do leave me a comment if you’ve decided to receive this award! I would love to read your answers :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A big life in God > A big life on earth

It's o.k to have a small life on earth if your life in God is big. That was a personal discovery I made today.

I've always wanted a big life. One that inspires millions and changes lives, and there is nothing wrong with that. But sometimes, I get so caught up in the idea that I do not realize how it affects the way I look at my life now. There is nothing wrong with my life now, in fact it's pretty good, but me constantly wishing life would shoot into the sky and explode like firework makes me unhappy. I find myself asking God when will my life get bigger and why am I not getting anywhere. Even though I know there's a perfect timing for everything, I rush, I worry, I question, and I'm unsatisfied.

But today, I realized how wrong I was to feel that way.

You see, my life is small now but it is bigger in God. God has been good and I've had him by my side in terms of my job and my dreams. We're working together to write stories that touches lives... even though it's only a few thousand.

I shouldn't be complaining. 

A big life in God is trusting he knows what's best. If it is not in his plans for me to be 'big' then I should be alright with it. Following God's plan means living a great life on earth, after all, earth is only temporary. If my life becomes 'big', great! But if it doesn't, it's no big deal. 

I want to live a bigger life in God, and that should be my priority. Life is easier with him around, and much more fun. It will be a challenge at first, but I am determined to live BIG.. and that is BIG in God!