Thursday, July 28, 2011

Childhood Memories

There are a lot of thing you forget when you grow up, but there are also a lot of things you remember.

For me, I remember TV series.

Oh yes, I've watched plenty when i was young, but the ones i remember are always about magic, warriors and Princesses.... yes i liked princesses, princesses that end up being warriors. And that was the fantasy i grew up with as a child.

So today, i relived my childhood for just a bit when youtube-ing some videos. And now i shall blog about it.

#1 Xena (1995-1999)
The warrior princess. I remember her being tough, real tough.

#2 Hercules (1995 - 1999)
He was fun to watch. I cant remember much, just his outfit and him battling monsters.

#3 Fantaghiro (1991)
This tv series kept showing when i was a kid on TV2. I would watch it over and over again, and i can still remember bits of it, especially her as a child and the magical forest.

#4 Beastmaster (1999 - 2002)
I loved this series. Loved it alot. I like his two pet ferrets. And i remember the girl who had her feet backwards, who went by the name of Curupira. I wish this show would come back! Miss it a lot!

#5 Young Hercules (1998 - 1999)
I cant remember this one much, just that i use to watch it. I guess one reason i cant remember its content is because this series only ran for a year. So there isn't much to remember anyways.

# 6 Young Blade (2005)
(Not exactly childhood, but being 15 is still pretty young i suppose)

I surprisingly enjoyed this show. My hormones as a teen must have convinced me it was awesome cause there were lots of hot guys in it.

Now, of course there are more. TV series like Charmed and Dark Angel , which i managed to re-watch both the entire series just recently, were the series i was forbidden to watch but somehow left a memory.

When i think about these series, i feel like i had an adventurous childhood. Not because i was out climbing trees, but because my imaginations were stretched. And because of that, today i have an over flowing amount of imaginations in my head.

I just have to thank those TV series for helping me see more than reality.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Rooster Crows

During LG last week, we discussed about Jesus telling Peter that he would betray him before the rooster crows, and how Peter did betray him in the end.

When asked what i could learn from it, my brain wasnt functioning well, and the answers i came up with didnt really relate to me on a personal level. But when i finally really thought about it, i realized something.

Jesus told Peter he was going to betray him, but Peter denied. In the end he did it anyways. And Peter was filled with guilt.

The same scenarios happen to us in our daily lives. God tell us something, sort of like a warning, dont do this, or dont do that, and we tell Him, yea, we wont. But at the end of the day, we still do it. And we have to face our own consequences.

Fact of the matter is, if God says don't do something, or warn us about what we are about to do, we best listen. I have my fair share of promising i wont do it, but end up doing it anyways, and the results are painful.

I believe the reason why God actually takes the time to warn us about certain actions in our lives is because He's trying to spare us the consequences. But being stubborn and not listening, thinking we have everything under control isnt always the smartest thing to do.

I was told, in the beginning of the year, not to do something. God warned me over and over again, but i was stubborn. Today, even though it has past, i'm still living with the consequences.

At least God didnt say i told you so, but is helping me get through this. And i know he still has my back no matter what happens.

Now i know, He warns because He knows the consequences are hard to bare.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Fresh Start

So here i am, on a new blog site.

The only reason why im doing this is because friendster was reinvented, hence my blog was deleted automatically. I never know what i have lost, years and years of memories poured onto a... website.

Plus all those film reviews etc etc!... ahh.. so much brain juice, deleted by admins of friendster.

But it doesn't really matter. When the forces of change forces change you are forced to change. Get what i mean?

Well, I hope my old blog followers will continue to follow me in this new place. But even if they dont, i wont sob at a corner, i'll continue blogging while sobbing. HAHA.

So, if you're not following me yet, follow!