Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Rooster Crows

During LG last week, we discussed about Jesus telling Peter that he would betray him before the rooster crows, and how Peter did betray him in the end.

When asked what i could learn from it, my brain wasnt functioning well, and the answers i came up with didnt really relate to me on a personal level. But when i finally really thought about it, i realized something.

Jesus told Peter he was going to betray him, but Peter denied. In the end he did it anyways. And Peter was filled with guilt.

The same scenarios happen to us in our daily lives. God tell us something, sort of like a warning, dont do this, or dont do that, and we tell Him, yea, we wont. But at the end of the day, we still do it. And we have to face our own consequences.

Fact of the matter is, if God says don't do something, or warn us about what we are about to do, we best listen. I have my fair share of promising i wont do it, but end up doing it anyways, and the results are painful.

I believe the reason why God actually takes the time to warn us about certain actions in our lives is because He's trying to spare us the consequences. But being stubborn and not listening, thinking we have everything under control isnt always the smartest thing to do.

I was told, in the beginning of the year, not to do something. God warned me over and over again, but i was stubborn. Today, even though it has past, i'm still living with the consequences.

At least God didnt say i told you so, but is helping me get through this. And i know he still has my back no matter what happens.

Now i know, He warns because He knows the consequences are hard to bare.

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  1. God always knows best, but we've gotta know God and what he says. When Peter came back it may have been sweeter than if he'd never failed.