Thursday, December 4, 2014


I wanted to publish this post yesterday but I ended up delaying. I actually forgot about it! Oops.

Anyway, as of today I have lived on this earth for 24 years and 18 hours. And I'm still alive! Being alive means having things to be thankful for, so I've decided to write a list of all those things. 

I actually had to scratch my head a little, but here it is:

#1 My Best Friend and Mentor
24 years of blessing, guidance, love and support from God has been great. Sure, there were ups and downs but God has been faithful throughout. So I'm grateful for him being in my life. Honestly, if not for him... I would be a horrible person. Trust me, you do not want to see my dark side.

#2 Family
Father, mother, brother; what's life without family, right? I'm blessed to have a great family. I always put my family before anyone else because they matter the most (aside from God). I sometimes also use them as an excuse to cancel plans with people, yup, the cat is out of the bag.

#3 Talent, #4 Passion and #5 Dream
I'm thankful I have some sort of a talent that goes along with my passion. They give me a dream to live and achieve and I'm just glad I have something worth fighting for.

#6 Loyal Friends
I don't have a lot of friends that I can connect with. I've been betrayed by a few so called 'best friends' when growing up that I decided to scrape that term altogether (again, aside from God). However, I do have loyal friends. Friends who will listen to my problems and support me with my writing. They are the Hufflepuffs in my Slytherin life, and I'm thankful for them :)

#7 eBay
Yes. I'm extremely thankful for eBay. eBay lets me live in my favourite fandoms without costing a bomb. I love eBay, I won't deny it. It's freaking awesome. Thank you for existing, eBay.

#8 Harry Potter
Harry Potter, the only fandom where my love will never die. I have not reread the books in a few years but I'm glad Hogwarts will always be waiting for me. I went through my teen years with the trio and it has created so many great memories. Nothing beats Harry Potter, not even my current obsession with Shingeki No Kyojin. Nothing.

#9 Holidays
Now a working adult, I finally get the chance to see the world. I did go on a Europe tour when I was a toddler, and I'm grateful for the pictures taken, but I have no memory of it. Having a job and being able to save up has given me the opportunity to travel, and who better to travel with than family!

#10 Readers
Having readers who are excited to read your works is a dream come true. I'm so grateful for my readers on my writer's blog and I feel extremely blessed to actually have an audience. Knowing that my words are being read and enjoyed makes me want to keep on writing. They are an awesome support for an indie author like me :) 

#11 Rhaegar
Yes, I named my car after Rhaegar Targaryen. I'm not a big fan of my car because he's more of a liability than anything else, but he has served me well in getting me from A to B. He has heard my monologues and accompanied me in the jam... he has also given me the leisure of not having to take public transport. He has his flaws (dents and scratches, all because of me) but he's a good boy.

#12 Imagination
I'm glad I was born with an overactive imagination. My life is so much more interesting being able to imagine things up whenever and wherever. I can easily entertain myself just by diving into my head. It's so much fun :)

#13 A Home
I'm extremely grateful that I have a roof over my head. Sometimes, it's so easy to forget that many out there do not have a home. So here am I, reminding myself that I'm blessed to have one.

#14 The Future
I do not know where the future would take me or how my life would be in a month or year from now, but I do know I have a future. Good or bad, there is a journey for me to take and by faith I believe God has awesome plans for me.

And ten random, no need for explanation things:

#15 Rain

#16 Chocolate

#17 Running Man

#18 YouTube

#19 PC Games

#20 Fiction

#21 Nighttime

#22 Coffee

#23 Books and Shows

#24 Years.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fictional Crush, Normal or Abnormal?

Is it normal... to have a crush on a fictional character?

I have had a crush on Draco Malfoy when I was in high school, but that was supported with the imagery of Tom Felton taking on that character role. Tom Felton is hot, therefore Draco Malfoy is hot too. So it's understandable.

But how about characters that are not even portrayed by an actor? To be precise... characters that are drawn? To be right on the dot... the manga character Levi Ackerman?

Too many ellipses going on. Oh boy...

I've recently gotten into the Attack on Titan fandom, and have been gushing over the anime and manga for days. Reading the manga, I discovered the allure of Captain Levi and became one of the many fangirls that would immediately pick him as their favourite character when asked. So here I am... having a fictional crush. 

Personally, I don't think it's normal. I googled his height for crying out loud! That's... not normal. He's short though, a few centimeters shorter than me in fact. I prefer taller men, but why should my preference even be stated here when Levi is fictional? Who cares about his height or age? What matters is his badass-ness, six packs, and brooding character, right? 

Gosh, if he was real, a lot of girls would be fighting over him. Would I be one of them? Erm.. his height would make me say 'no'. But he's fictional.. so yes? What am I saying?

Too many question marks. This is going no where...

Just tell me I'm not alone here, tell me I'm normal because it doesn't feel human to be this way. What 'way' is that? Whatever way you take out from this post. I'm done.

*Come to think about it, I did have a fictional crush after Draco. Prince Zuko anyone? Gosh, he was hot. I'm referring to the animated version of The Last Airbender, not the Shyamalan version. Ah, I wish he was my prince...

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Big Guy Has A Tight Butt

Which big guy? The one in Attack on Titan a.k.a the colossal titan; the one who flashes his muscles because he works out in his spare time. Yea, he probably works out. 

Oh, look, a butt shot. Not the first.
You have to admit, he does have a tight butt.
Is this getting obscene?

Where am I going with this? Well, I recently decided to pick up the anime and give it a go... and who would have known, I'm now a fan. Four episodes in and I headed straight to Ebay looking for 'fan-made' bracelets to wear. Yup, it's that awesome.

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of anime. The only anime I've watched prior to this is Corpse Party (aside from Avatar, which isn't made in Japan). I don't quite like the art style or how the female characters are drawn. Plus, they can get pretty kinky and that makes me extremely uncomfortable. The only thing I actually like about anime is how weird they can get; the strange and bizarre concept of horror and fantasy. Is it safe to say Attack on Titan delivers such a weird, yet horrifying concept in a fantasy setting? Yes. That's why I love it.

Before watching the anime, I was warned by my friends that I should not invest emotionally in any of the characters or I will experience a lot of pain. So I took their advice and cared less for the characters, but the shock of how quickly the characters die is still something I would have to deal with. I thought nothing could beat A Song of Ice and Fire at picking off characters like the petals of a flower during a he-loves-me-not game, but I was proven wrong sooner than I thought. And... I kind of enjoy such unpredictability.
Wait for it... I sense pain coming.

These days, shows have become so predictable. I recently finished watching a Korean drama titled The Three Musketeers, and I knew who was going to be poisoned and who was going to be pierced by an arrow just as the scene was getting all too jolly. Did the writers think it was unpredictable? I don't know, maybe it is. But I called it before it happened. I thoroughly enjoyed The Three Musketeers and cannot wait for season 2, but it was predictable like so many shows today. Ah, if only it wasn't! 

I guess I can say that Attack on Titan was a breath of fresh air when it came to unpredictability. The air probably isn't too fresh around titans but the shock value is worth investing my time in. If a book, movie, series, graphic novel (*The Walking Dead #100), game, or anime leaves my mouth gaping, I'll give it an A+ immediately. No questions asked. After all, I love surprises... don't you? 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

How Do I See Them?

How do I see the characters of The Clubhouse?

I do have my own imagination of them, but I can't really tie a specific actor or actress to them because they are unique in my head. No one actually comes close to how they look... however, if The Clubhouse was a drama, I definitely have some preferences.

If The Clubhouse was a Korean drama, the cast would be:

Zach: Choi Jin Hyuk (because he's my favourite actor, duh.)

Jodie: Kim So Eun

Guinevere: Cha Ye Ryun

Matthias: Choi Woo Shik/ Jung Yong Hwa

Richard: Kim Myung Soo
(KMS picture on left; I saw him in She's So Lovable, and he grew on me.)

*I know, the age and age gaps don't match. It's all about the chemistry anyway, right? Haha!

If The Clubhouse was a Hong Kong drama, the cast would be:

Zach: Raymond Lam (because he's my favourite actor too.)

Jodie: Linda Chung

Guinevere: Tavia Yeung
(Picture on right; she was brutal in Beyond The Realm of Conscience.)

Matthias: Sammul Chan/ Ron Ng

Richard: Bosco Wong/ Him Law

*I chose an older cast because I prefer this generation of actors. The age gaps obviously don't match, but who cares. I'll make sure their age will never be mentioned in the drama ;) 

If The Clubhouse was a British-American drama, the cast would be:

Zach: Darren Criss
(Picture on left; come on, he has been hot since A Very Potter Musical.)

Jodie: Jessica Brown Findlay

Guinevere: Natalie Dormer

Matthias: Logan Lerman/ Skandar Keynes

Richard: Thomas Brodie-Sangster

*Why British-American? Because it's harder to split them into two. Age and age gaps don't match either, but I do justice with a younger cast.

It seems I tend to have double options for Matthias and Richard. Hmmm...

Anyway, I would actually prefer a more racially diverse cast. After all, Skypeak Clubhouse is a retreat to the world's cream of the crop. But, that would be a tricky task and I'm just too lazy to do it in such a random blog post.

In all honestly, if ever The Clubhouse appears on TV screens, it would most probably be in Korean. It seems the most appropriate anyway, even though I think my choice of actors might end up being changed. EXCEPT for Choi Jin Hyuk though, he has to be in it :) He has to be.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Let's Lie!

Last weekend, my friends and I hung out playing tabletop games. One of the games I enjoyed was Coup. Coup is a simple game of doing whatever it takes to be the last one standing. You can lie about your identity and call a bluff to eliminate other players. 

First round, I won. No, I'm not here to boast. Wait.. I am. Ha! I won because someone lied, I spotted the lie, and called him out. I also won because I manipulated someone into thinking I was lying, when I was not. 

Second round, third round, fourth round, I made it as far as the last 2 players (if I recall correctly). Why? Because everyone was telling the truth. The truth prevails right? And when I had no one to call out for lying... the game was up to chance, with players having better character cards winning. Maybe I should have manipulated more, but the lack of experience was my downfall. 

One thing I learned from the game though, was that telling the truth is no fun... but telling the truth makes no room for lies. No one lied when everyone was telling the truth. Either that, or we were all just too honest. Personally, I did not lie because it was risky, but I did try to make people think I was. Sadly, I didn't do that enough. 

Now on to more lies.

I'm currently watching a Korean drama titled 'Liar Game'. I stumbled upon it when it was 2 episodes in, and I gave it a shot. After starting it, I became hooked. I freaking love that drama! 

Liar Game is adapted from a Japanese manga where a too-honest-for-her-own-good girl enters a game to win money. Each round, the contestants in the game have to lie, manipulate, and crack their brains on a way to win. They can work together, betray each other, or just simply trust; which proved difficult for everyone... everyone but that girl that is. 

What I like about the drama is the games thrown at the contestants. Not only must they twist the game to their advantage, they must also convince/manipulate others to join in on their plan. None of the games so far is an individual game, which actually reminds me of a Saw sequel (teamwork, such joy). It also shows the human nature and I tend to imagine what I would do if I was in the game. I would definitely love to play it though.

Honestly, I hate manipulating and lying to people; my conscience pricks me too much. But if it's in a game setting, I would definitely do it. After all, it's just a game... right? RIGHT? I would love to join Survivor for that very reason as well.

So how about you, would you do it in a game setting or are you already doing it in real life? Wait.. isn't the latter a telltale sign for psychopaths or something?

Anyway, one thing I know for sure is that lying is a sin. Let's NOT lie... unless the game requires it :) 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

To The Streets We Go

Let me first say that food is not everywhere in Seoul and popular streets are pretty much asleep at night. It was a different experience compared with what I have grown up with.

In Malaysia, when we say there's food around, there really is food around. Five minutes from my condo and I can get my hands on chinese, malay and indian food. The smell of food wafts in the night air, and it carries on past my bedtime. I definitely made a mistake of expecting Myeongdong to be like Jonker street, because Jonker is food heaven at night while Myeongdong snoozes under the moonlight.

So while we were there, we found ourselves disappointed, especially after being told by a hotelier that there was food right around the corner. All we saw were the lack of it, and on most nights we retreated to 7eleven for a bowl of ramen. Anyway, cultural differences aside, I did enjoy Korean street food.

These are my tries:

#1 Hoddeok

I had it twice, because why not? I like sweet stuff, and this was sweet. It was 2,000 won per piece, which made it hard not to convert to ringgit and gasp at the large bowl of curry noodles I can get for the same price. 

No ruler to measure the claims
of it being 32cm though.

#2 32cm Ice-Cream

We bought one and shared it. The texture was not as smooth as McD's but understandable if it is required to stand that tall. I think it was 3,000 won, or was it 2,000 won? Can't remember. 

#3 Dragon Beard Candy

We actually tasted the Dragon Beard Candy in Guilin, China, and it was a let down. So we were very skeptical about tasting the Korean version. But when we did, it just completely blew our taste buds. They tasted so good! At least to me, that is. A box of 10 small pieces is 5,000 won. If it was cheaper, I would have gotten more.

#4 Jipangyi Ice-Cream

Yes, we had more ice-cream. This time in the shape of a J. The cone is corny, and the ice-cream was alright. Still not as smooth as McD's and I have no idea why. It was 4,000 won. No doubt a pricey ice-cream. 

#5 Bao, Pau, Steam Buns

This was stumbled upon when we entered Namdaemun. The pau was slightly translucent and the feeling were vegetables and thin pieces of beef. It tasted a lot like a vegetarian pau. I can't remember the price though. 

#6 Sausage Wrapped with Fish Cake

The name pretty much tells you how it tastes like. It was 1,000 won per stick, if I'm not mistaken.

# 7 Convenient Store Food

- Real Brownie: I decided to try it because it was talked about a lot. We paid 5,000 won for two small boxes, 4 pieces in each. It's not bad.

- Ddeokbokki snack: We got our hands on the 7eleven version because it was the cheapest; 1,000 won for a pack. Everyone loved it, which was surprising because my parents don't eat junk food, especially my mum. It was crunchy, sweet, and spicy, definitely worth trying.

- Seaweed: Definitely felt like we were carrying air home. Can't recall the price, but it's pretty standard everywhere we went.

We definitely did not try all the street food in Korea, and we opted out of some because they were just too expensive. But we still ate more than we usually did, which is definitely a good thing... WHEN on a holiday. 

Now back to eating healthy! Wait, I take that back. The M&M's I bought at the airport duty free section are calling to me, and the Real Brownies and Jeju chocolates have learned my name too. I think it's going to be a challenge for a while... a Real challenge.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Most Expensive Food Ever!

The food in S. Korea was very expensive for a fellow Malaysian like me. Firstly, the conversion rate is 1,000 won to RM 3.20. Secondly, most meals cost around 5,000 to 8,000 won. Do the math and you'll see why it is very expensive. 

Anyway, to spare you the rant on how weak the Malaysian currency is, I'm going to continue on with the memorable places I dined in during my trip.

#1 Seafood Forest

Location: A restaurant near Ilchubong Sunrise Peak.

Price: 64,000 won for 4 (if not mistaken)

Taste and experience: Seeing the live abalones move, possibility screaming in a frequency too low to hear as they are dunked into hot soup, was interesting to witness. Seafood in Malaysia does not come to you alive but dead... seafood in Jeju spend their dying moments with you.

#2 2 servings of Black Pork, 2 servings of Bibimbap, 1 serving of Sanggyetang

Location: A restaurant in the tourist area surrounded by museums and tons of international food outlets and cafes. 

Price: 67,000 won (if not mistaken)

Taste and experience: Ordering was quite a challenge because apparently, you can't have separate orders. So, we actually took a while trying to explain what we wanted in Mandarin. Taste wise, it was definitely better than the Seafood Forest. I had the sanggyetang and it reminded me of watered down porridge. Black pork was good too, but I'm honestly not a fan of bibimbap.

#3 McDonalds

Location: They exist, you just have to look for them.

Price: Roughly 5,000 won for a set, depending on the set.

Taste and experience: The first time I had the quarter pounder, so it tasted normal. The second time I had the double bulgogi burger... which was weird in my opinion. It tasted like black pork with so much sauce in a bun. My brother was fine with it though... so it was just me. 

#4 Best Meal Ever!

Picture from
Location: Insa-dong. Along the main street, at the edge of a small alley. It had a traditional design and it played old English songs from my parents' era. Lots of foreigners dining. 

Price: 36,000 won.

Taste and experience: Great! The beef, chicken and pork were served on hot plates with rice. Let me repeat that... with rice! It was different from the other meals we had and I think the restaurant adapted to fit the taste buds of tourists. Maybe I was hungry, but it was a satisfying meal that didn't cost as much as the rest. 

#5 Grilled Pork and Beef ribs

Location: A red-walled, tiny restaurant, along the uphill walk to Hill House Hotel. When we were heading to our hotel upon our arrival in Seoul, I noticed the restaurant being packed during lunchtime. So, we gave it a go on our last night.

Price: 50,000 won for 4.

Taste and experience: The grilled pork ribs were really tender and tasty. It reminded me of satay, actually. The beef ribs on the other hand, were rather chewy. It was a good meal though, because the side dishes were very different and much better than the ones we had before. They also kept topping them up. The lady that served us asked if we wanted rice with our food and served us each a bowl of soup, which gave me a feeling that the restaurant is chinese owned.

*On a side note, none of us enjoyed Kimchi. 

That's all for memorable meals. Clearly we ate more than that, but those aren't worth mentioning. My next post will be about the street food, so stay tuned!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

S.Korea Hotel Reviews

My review on the places I stayed in while in S. Korea.

# Jeju Four Seasons Hotel

Room: Because of miscommunication between and the hotel, we were forced to share beds for a night. My mum and I had to sleep on a single bed, which meant no movement and little rest. The bathroom was clean, big, and with rain shower. 

Breakfast: A buffet breakfast everyday, with same dishes except for different canned fruits. 

Overall: Nice and clean. Unfortunately, did not get the best sleep. It is definitely crammer than it looks in this picture. Not the kind of room you want to hang out in.

#2 Hill House Hotel, Seoul

Room: Much bigger than Jeju Four Seasons, with two queen-sized beds. I shared one with my brother but it was still rather uncomfortable. I move a lot when I sleep, and not being able to makes me wake up periodically at night. The bathroom was clean, huge, and with a bathtub. 

Breakfast: Simple toast and eggs. You have to make an order and a lady would fry the eggs and toast the bread for you. 

Overall. Nice and clean too, but much bigger and comfortable than Jeju Four Seasons.

Both hotels had a very nice set up, and they looked professional and classy. Even though their locations were in back alleys, they presented themselves well. 

I personally would recommend Hill House Hotel because it's in walking distance to Hoehyeon station as well as Myeongdong and Namdaemun. If you read my simple itinerary, you would know that we walked a lot. The hotel was in a good location and we saved money on transportation.

Before leaving for my trip, I wrote a post describing the hotel and my expectations. My expectations weren't met, but the experience was acceptable.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm Back!

It sucks to be back. I wouldn't say my trip was fantastic, but being in another land was an escape from the daily routine of life. Getting back to that routine will definitely take some time, as I’m still in a holiday mood.

Anyway, I don’t want to write a long post about my Korea trip, so I’ll sum it up in a ‘few’ points.

Picture was taken at the Culture Experience 
Center in Incheon Airport near gate 122.
Security check takes 30-40 minutes, so 
be sure to line up early if you want to have extra 
time to take pictures in traditional clothing.
We almost did not get the chance because
we did not know how tight the security was.
- Jeju day 1 was packed with visiting beaches, mountains and cave… alongside nausea, cause our taxi tour guide was not a great driver.

- I love the Nanta Show. My brother got called up to the stage. The blue chef is my favourite :)

- Jeju day 2 was raining. Did way less in comparison with day 1, but still nauseating because of bad driving.

- Bought chocolates from Jeju and taxi tour guide gave us each a teddy bear after visiting the Teddy Bear Museum, which is a waste of time by the way.

- Seoul day 1 was o.k. We walked from our hotel near Hoehyeon station all the way to Cheonggyecheon stream and back. We literally explored by foot.

- Seoul day 2 had more activities; we took a few subway rides but we walked the rest of the time. We went to N Seoul Tower at night, which was… meh.

- Food was bad for the first few meals. Then we found better places to eat and McD. It’s safe to say, we don’t really like Korean food. Street food was nice though, but food in general was just very expensive and not tasty on our palates, with the exception of some.

- We tried soju and Hite. Then we mixed them and had Somaek. I think the soju we bought was not ‘real’ soju, cause there was barely any alcohol content in it. We also tasted Ddeokbokki snack, Real Brownie, and seaweed.

- Overall, we spent about RM2, 600 for the entire trip (incl. airfare). Most money spent on food.

Conclusion, I’m going to go to a country where I have a spending power next year. Hmm, Macau or Taiwan maybe? We’ll see.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Shopping In Seoul

With a lot of research and reading, I have gathered enough information on what I plan on buying in Seoul. Yes, I’m a planner… and I hate and love being one.

So, here’s my shopping list:

#1 Junk Food

They say roasted seaweed and ddeokbokki snack are good. And that's it for the food items I might bring home.

I will definitely try their food and soju, but I won’t bring anything I taste-test home. It’s not possible anyway.

#2 Cosmetics

Korean cosmetics are known to be cheaper in S. Korea because it’s Korea and they are duty free with tax refunds. With research, that is a proven fact.

When I compared prices of the Laneige products I’m using with the Korean price tag, they are about RM30 cheaper. So my plan is to get one of all the products I’m using; six in total. They won’t last me forever, but they are as much as I can afford. It would be nice to stock up like a warehouse but that would cost a bomb.

#3 Memorabilia

Technically, souvenirs for myself. 

#4 Airport Chocolate

Whether in Incheon Airport or in KLIA2, airport duty free chocolate is a must. MUST. Chocolate is a must. There is no need to elaborate.

So there you have it, my shopping list. I’ll definitely take a picture of my loot when I get home. Gosh, I can’t wait to go!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Checking-in In South Korea

Checking-in time is at 2 or 3pm in S.Korea, which is rather late. It's quite strange because in Malaysia, check-in and check-out time are mostly before lunch. I also don't remember checking in after lunch when I arrived at Guilin last year. So, when my mum told me we can only check-in in the hotel in Seoul at 3pm, I was like, "What? How can we start our adventure with luggage?"

Anyway, this post is not about that, this post is about the two hotels we will be staying in.

#1 Jeju Four Seasons Hotel

Search it up and you'll find it on TripAdvisor. It's a 15 minute ride from the airport, which is convenient to a certain extent, but an hour plus away from Ilchubong Sunrise Peak. Good thing we have a taxi guide, because I can't imagine taking a bus. 

We already paid for the family suit, which has two queen-sized beds in one room. I'll be forced to share a bed with my brother who sleeps all over the place, and also hear the snores of my dear father. But we're on holiday, who sleeps anyway?

#2 Hill House Hotel, Seoul

It's on TripAdvisor too. It's really close to a subway line. Walking a little further would also bring us to Myeongdong and Namdaemun. Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower are rather close too. With a subway line and notable places within walking distance, I say my mum found a good place.

I read some of the comments on TripAdvisor and learned that it's an uphill walk to the hotel. I don't mind though, and I think my brother and I would have separate beds in a different room from our parents. So no snores and tugging of blanket, yay!

That is all I can say about the hotels now, and I'll probably write another post about it once I get back from the trip. I'll rate it on my blog then, since I'm too lazy to sign up for an account on TripAdvisor.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Where To, In South Korea?

Day 1: On The Planes

Morning flight from Kuala Lumpur to Busan, followed by evening flight from Busan to Jeju. Dinner, check-in, sleep early.

Day 2 & 3: Exploring Jeju Island

Wherever the taxi guide suggests, we would follow (except for caves, cause we've been to 3 caves in Mulu already, and gardens because we have gardens in Malaysia too; Putrajaya Botanical Garden). 

I would like a morning hike up Ilchubong Sunrise Peak to see the sunrise though. Since I've never seen a sunrise before. True story. And hopefully a day spent in Udo Island, since it is highly rated on TripAdvisor.

Oh yes, and the Nanta show too. 

Day 4: Fly To Seoul

Morning flight from Jeju to Gimpo, followed by Namsangol Hanok Village, and shopping at Myeongdong. 

It's not like we will be buying a lot of things either, since the currency exchange rate is high. Food is also not cheap according to a Korean friend. But we'll see, I'll probably come home with a Seoul loot that mainly consists of candy (if they have intriguing ones) and Laneige products.

I also plan on tasting their street food, especially the sweet ones since I'm quite the sweet tooth :)

Day 5: Site-seeing, Pun Intended

I'm hoping to start the day early, so we can grab breakfast and make our way to Changdeokgung Palace & Secret Garden in time for the 11am tour. Before the tour, we will take a walk in Insa-dong and do some souvenir shopping. After that, we head to Cheonggyecheon; it's a long walk so I don't know if we would want to walk from one end to the other. Second to last stop would be Namdaemun, and the final stop for the day would be N Seoul Tower. 

Day 6: A Healthy Goodbye

By healthy I mean waking up early to take a walk in Namsan Park; come back in time to check-out at 11am, have lunch, and then take the subway to catch our 4pm flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

That's the plan so far, which might change, who knows. Might seem short to some as we did skip a few places (eg; the other palaces. Seen one, seen all, right?), but I think it will leave us with enough memories without being taxing on the wallet :)

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