Friday, September 19, 2014

Shopping In Seoul

With a lot of research and reading, I have gathered enough information on what I plan on buying in Seoul. Yes, I’m a planner… and I hate and love being one.

So, here’s my shopping list:

#1 Junk Food

They say roasted seaweed and ddeokbokki snack are good. And that's it for the food items I might bring home.

I will definitely try their food and soju, but I won’t bring anything I taste-test home. It’s not possible anyway.

#2 Cosmetics

Korean cosmetics are known to be cheaper in S. Korea because it’s Korea and they are duty free with tax refunds. With research, that is a proven fact.

When I compared prices of the Laneige products I’m using with the Korean price tag, they are about RM30 cheaper. So my plan is to get one of all the products I’m using; six in total. They won’t last me forever, but they are as much as I can afford. It would be nice to stock up like a warehouse but that would cost a bomb.

#3 Memorabilia

Technically, souvenirs for myself. 

#4 Airport Chocolate

Whether in Incheon Airport or in KLIA2, airport duty free chocolate is a must. MUST. Chocolate is a must. There is no need to elaborate.

So there you have it, my shopping list. I’ll definitely take a picture of my loot when I get home. Gosh, I can’t wait to go!

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