Wednesday, October 1, 2014

S.Korea Hotel Reviews

My review on the places I stayed in while in S. Korea.

# Jeju Four Seasons Hotel

Room: Because of miscommunication between and the hotel, we were forced to share beds for a night. My mum and I had to sleep on a single bed, which meant no movement and little rest. The bathroom was clean, big, and with rain shower. 

Breakfast: A buffet breakfast everyday, with same dishes except for different canned fruits. 

Overall: Nice and clean. Unfortunately, did not get the best sleep. It is definitely crammer than it looks in this picture. Not the kind of room you want to hang out in.

#2 Hill House Hotel, Seoul

Room: Much bigger than Jeju Four Seasons, with two queen-sized beds. I shared one with my brother but it was still rather uncomfortable. I move a lot when I sleep, and not being able to makes me wake up periodically at night. The bathroom was clean, huge, and with a bathtub. 

Breakfast: Simple toast and eggs. You have to make an order and a lady would fry the eggs and toast the bread for you. 

Overall. Nice and clean too, but much bigger and comfortable than Jeju Four Seasons.

Both hotels had a very nice set up, and they looked professional and classy. Even though their locations were in back alleys, they presented themselves well. 

I personally would recommend Hill House Hotel because it's in walking distance to Hoehyeon station as well as Myeongdong and Namdaemun. If you read my simple itinerary, you would know that we walked a lot. The hotel was in a good location and we saved money on transportation.

Before leaving for my trip, I wrote a post describing the hotel and my expectations. My expectations weren't met, but the experience was acceptable.

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