Friday, September 12, 2014

Checking-in In South Korea

Checking-in time is at 2 or 3pm in S.Korea, which is rather late. It's quite strange because in Malaysia, check-in and check-out time are mostly before lunch. I also don't remember checking in after lunch when I arrived at Guilin last year. So, when my mum told me we can only check-in in the hotel in Seoul at 3pm, I was like, "What? How can we start our adventure with luggage?"

Anyway, this post is not about that, this post is about the two hotels we will be staying in.

#1 Jeju Four Seasons Hotel

Search it up and you'll find it on TripAdvisor. It's a 15 minute ride from the airport, which is convenient to a certain extent, but an hour plus away from Ilchubong Sunrise Peak. Good thing we have a taxi guide, because I can't imagine taking a bus. 

We already paid for the family suit, which has two queen-sized beds in one room. I'll be forced to share a bed with my brother who sleeps all over the place, and also hear the snores of my dear father. But we're on holiday, who sleeps anyway?

#2 Hill House Hotel, Seoul

It's on TripAdvisor too. It's really close to a subway line. Walking a little further would also bring us to Myeongdong and Namdaemun. Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower are rather close too. With a subway line and notable places within walking distance, I say my mum found a good place.

I read some of the comments on TripAdvisor and learned that it's an uphill walk to the hotel. I don't mind though, and I think my brother and I would have separate beds in a different room from our parents. So no snores and tugging of blanket, yay!

That is all I can say about the hotels now, and I'll probably write another post about it once I get back from the trip. I'll rate it on my blog then, since I'm too lazy to sign up for an account on TripAdvisor.

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