Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Was A Year Of...


- Advancing my writing skills in so many ways. 
- Gained life lessons through failures, mistakes and wrong judgements. 
- Finally graduated, with distinction.



- Experiencing God's love and favor that has never failed me.
- Practicing love without expecting love in return.
- I might have walked under a bus and got hit by a train.


and Letting Go

- Knowing not all friendships last, and learning to let go of people after exhausting all effort.
- Forgetting grudges and forgiving myself and others.
- Releasing the past, so that I can look to the future.


2012 had its ups and downs. 

But I have managed to end the year victoriously, despite all the bumps and roadblocks that could have actually slowed me down. 

I thank God for a year full of lessons, and a year where I have matured more than I expected to.

Time to bravely enter 2013, with a goal to end it better, stronger and greater :) 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Greatest Joy

The greatest joy as a writer is being told by a reader that your work is loved.

There is also that awesome feeling when you are thanked by a reader for writing.

What more can I ask for?

The only reason I continue writing is because I know that there are people who would keep reading and supporting me.

It is a real boost of confidence to know that your talent is appreciated.

I am also really happy I got the chance to inspire some readers along the way. That is my bigger goal, after all.

Here I am, truly grateful for all my readers. No matter where life takes me, I will always remember how I started, and those who have stuck around from the very beginning.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Answered in 2 days!

Two nights ago, I found myself sitting on my couch in my bedroom, talking to God about my future.

I also told him that I wanted to free up the first two months of 2013, just to spend some solid time on writing. On that note, I asked him to help me convince my mom to let me have those months off, because ever since the beginning of this year, my mom insisted that I must get a job after I graduate.

She did not seem at all happy that I wanted to delay getting a job, and since last month, she has been pestering me to send in my resume to different companies.

It has been so hard to tell her that I wanted two months free, when she would give me a certain look, like I was asking for something that cannot be given. Of course I know she means well, and she just wants me to get a job so I would quit relying on her so much. BUT, my intentions of those jobless two months was to really focus on writing.

I'm really glad God heard my prayers that night. Because today, she asked me when I wanted to get a job, and I told her I would get a job in March as I wanted to write for the next two months. Thankfully, she did not object to it as well.

It's not a surprise that God answered my prayer, but it has been a while since I saw God act on my prayer so speedily. I really have to thank Him for that. Truly, He remains faithful till the end.

With that simple prayer answered, He shows me that I have nothing to worry about, because He's always there. Once again, I am rest assured my future is in His hands :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I spent my Christmas morning...

...lending a hand :)

What better way to give, without having to spend a cent, than through helping where help is needed?

This morning, I did not wake up to gifts under a tree. I did not tear through wrapping paper, or squeal at a new toy. I woke up, and headed to a low cost apartment in my state, where I gave whatever help needed to make someone else's Christmas a little brighter.

I did not do much, as all I did was prep the packages of food, and hand out bread to the children, but even with that little deed, I couldn't help but feel that I spent my Christmas day well.

Over the years, I have outgrown the presents, but I have never outgrown the true spirit of Christmas. This is the season of giving, more than receiving; and if God could give his son, and his son could give his life, I should be able to give whatever I can too.

I'm glad I helped out this morning, because it reminded me of the abundance of love God has given to me, and for me, to share.

I hope you had a great Christmas too, no matter what you did :)

There's a couple more hours till the day ends, and soon enough, the year will follow suit. So, here's me toasting to a fruitful and faithful year ahead! May 2013 be another blessed and grace-filled year.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lunch with...

... some famous people would be interesting.

When I was in my early teenage years, I used to be one of those who think they have the real celebrities' facebook accounts. I would send messages that said, "Hi, can we be friends?" hoping to get a reply.

This is extremely embarrassing,  but I honestly did those things.

After a couple of years, I matured and realized that these celebrities are working to entertain me. So what's the big deal about knowing them?

Though I do not go hunting for celebrities on facebook anymore, there are a few celebrities, or famous people in general, that I would love to sit down and have a meal with; not to drool over how cute they are, or how much I love their works, but to actually get the chance to see through their 'famous' outlook.

After hearing about them, watching them, and reading about them, one can only wish to grasp their true personalities.

So, if I could have lunch with some famous people, who would they be?

1) Tim Burton 

He can bring his wife (Helena Carter) and best friend (Johnny Depp) along if he likes. 

Why? Because he's my favourite film director. And I would really like to know where he got his whole film personality from. How he developed his signature, and how is it like as a storyteller on the days he isn't working.

2) Tom Felton

Because he is cute. The first time I saw him was in Anna and the King. That film was mostly shot in Malaysia, and it was the closest Hollywood film to home. He was so adorable in that film, that I wished I acted in it as well! I think he is the first British actor I've laid my eyes on as a child. 

3) Adam Young

I wrote a blog post about him, and that should answer why. But to cut it short, I want to hear his writer's voice. I think he is as much a writer as he is a composer, and that is why I love his music. It'll be nice to just talk to him.

4) Raymond Lam

Because I have been watching TVB dramas starring him and... I would like to know why he doesn't produce English music albums. He's cute too :) 

5) Last but not least, Joseph

Joseph is dead, but he's pretty famous to some. He was in the political sector in Egypt, back when papyrus was still being used. He has been a real influence in my life, and it is his story that inspired me since I was a child. I'll probably get the chance for a lunch date when I leave earth for another adventure.

If I actually take the time to ponder over this list longer, I would have more names. But for now, these are the few that comes to mind when I ask myself the question on who I would like to meet and get to know.

I probably will never get the chance to meet these people in my lifetime. But hey, there's always make believe; which, I so happen, to be very good at.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Sucker for TVB Romance

Yes, I admit it, I am fond of romance in TVB dramas.

My favourite genre for TVBs is historical fiction, and though the politics, backstabbing and betrayals are oh so very emotionally stimulating, I enjoy a little romance in that concoction of emotions too.

Recently, I just finished a series called Twin of Brothers. It left me sobbing because my favourite character (played by Raymond Lam, who actually won awards for best (favourite) character) died. I guess everyone felt like me, and since he did not have a shot of survival in the series, he got an award instead.

If you watch TVB, you know that the actors are 'recyclable'. They act in other series', and often with the same actors. Being that I've seen their faces over and over again, the only way I can decide who are my favourites are through their romantic roles.

If they can make me cry and vouch for them throughout the series, the actor has won a spot on my favourites list. I would also take an effort to learn their names. WHICH, we all know, is kinda hard for a person who doesn't speak Chinese, because the credits are ALWAYS written in Chinese even if they have English names.

So in order to actually learn their names, I have to google it. That is effort taken.

Anyways, these are my favourites so far (yes, they are mostly guys because.... I'm a girl. Duh.).

Moses Chan
For his roles in Can't Buy Me Love and Beyond the Realm of Conscience
He's a really good actor with God knows how many awards.

Raymond Lam
For his roles in Twin of Brothers and The Sorcerer and the White Snake.
I just found out he has he own albums as well. That is talent right there.

Charmaine Sheh
For her roles in Can't Buy Me Love and Beyond the Realm of Conscience.
Yes, she and Moses played in the same two series and I think they make a perfect pairing.

Bosco Wong
I have no idea which series he was in that made me look him up, but ever since then, I can't forget his name. I think that has something to do with it being so unique. 
How can you ever forget 'Bosco'?

There you have it. The list is not long because not many characters leave an impression. Good acting put them on my list and I do hope it would get longer over time.  

As for the next TVB on my watch list, I'll have to wait for 2013; Saving General Yang sounds interesting, and looks good!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sub for Sub?

That is something I do not practice on my blogs.

From day one, having not a single subscriber, I decided not to go for the 'follow me and I'll follow you' tactic of garnering readers. Why?

Because I do not want to follow a blog I will not read, nor do I want someone to follow me but not read my content. Whats the point of having millions of subscribers but none of them will take the time to read anything you have written?

If you honestly want to know if you are interesting, and if your content is captivating, then practicing 'sub for sub' will not help you grade yourself.

To be honest, this blog only has one subscriber. And that does not bother me at all. I know personal blogs are boring to the general audience, so why bother doing 'sub for sub' when no one cares about your personal life?

My other blog on wordpress however, has grown in subscribers since I started it, and not a single one of those who subscribed were out of that practice.

Now, you're probably wondering, why are you writing about this common practice among youtubers and bloggers?

Well, I have been asked a couple of times to follow someone who has just followed me. I don't really know how to turn them down without sounding cocky or rude. How do you tell someone that that's just not how you do things?

Most of the time, I treat those requests with silence. Because some things are hard to say without having to explain yourself afterwards.

Friday, December 7, 2012

3 Words

Muggle. Quidditch. Malaysia.

Yes, you heard me right. I'm talking about you, yes YOU, you didn't get your Hogwart's acceptance letter right?

You're also so fond of Quidditch, you wished you received your Hogwarts letter just so you could mount a broom. But then you realize you are from Malaysia and, well, why would a British school give you an offer?

If you can relate to all 3 of those words, and secretly desire to play Quidditch, then join this group!

Many HP fans around the world yearn to have a go at Quidditch. In some countries, they actually play it! But in Malaysia, sadly, no one does. So, I decided to start up a group where all of us Malaysian Potterheads can get the chance to play muggle Quidditch!

Just click here and you'll find yourself in a group you MUST join :)

I hope to see you guys there!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

First Class!


No.. I wish. 

But I am graduating with a first class cgpa :)

Not to boast or anything (pffttt..) but I have been holding my #1 rank in my class standings for my entire degree. I have also tried really hard to graduate with a 3.75 cgpa, but a 3.7 is good enough for me. 

To be honest, I'm not a smart student. In high school, I was an average student, sometimes below average. I never scored all A's, nor did I do well in my final exam. But when I entered university, I was finally studying something I was interested in and I started to take more effort. 

Throughout the 4 years, I have never been late for a submission, unless it is a group assignment (we all know how mishaps happen in group assignments). I made sure to take my work seriously, and I actually studied for exams (which I rarely did in my final years at high school.)

On top of that, God has always been there to help me out. No relational problems, or personal issues ever came between me and my studies. God made sure of it. I'm also pretty sure he helped me with my assignments and my exams; by being my inspiration and expanding my memory bank. 

Though I may not be receiving any awards, but the greater reward that I got from the end of my studying phase, is the knowledge that God has the ability to create success and lighten burdens. 

Besides, what better satisfaction is there than knowing you made it, and you made it excellently.

I have definitely learnt more than just theories and practicality in the course that I studied; I have learnt to trust God more, and to push through tough times. I have learned about determination, focus, and will power. 

University was more than head and hand knowledge, it was also heart knowledge. 

Now moving on towards a new phase in life, it may seem big and scary, but from all the heart knowledge I have learned, I know I can overcome and achieve my dreams. 

Nothing is ever too hard with God and passion :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

There's always that one person...

... that you care about, that you remember their birthday and prepare them a gift. That one person you thought you could call friend.

But then... when your birthday comes, that person doesn't even wish you.

Yea.. that one person you thought was your friend, actually doesn't care about you.

In the end, they disappoint you. In the end, they are not really your friend.

At least you know, before you waste more of your time of that person.