Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Was A Year Of...


- Advancing my writing skills in so many ways. 
- Gained life lessons through failures, mistakes and wrong judgements. 
- Finally graduated, with distinction.



- Experiencing God's love and favor that has never failed me.
- Practicing love without expecting love in return.
- I might have walked under a bus and got hit by a train.


and Letting Go

- Knowing not all friendships last, and learning to let go of people after exhausting all effort.
- Forgetting grudges and forgiving myself and others.
- Releasing the past, so that I can look to the future.


2012 had its ups and downs. 

But I have managed to end the year victoriously, despite all the bumps and roadblocks that could have actually slowed me down. 

I thank God for a year full of lessons, and a year where I have matured more than I expected to.

Time to bravely enter 2013, with a goal to end it better, stronger and greater :) 


  1. Your "Letting go" hit it on the nail for me.

  2. (Is this showing up properly? This is Projected Realities from WordPress!) I truly appreciate hearing about how God's Love never fails, even when so many other things seem to. And indeed, sometimes letting go of things (and some people) really is difficult. Praying for you!