Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Sucker for TVB Romance

Yes, I admit it, I am fond of romance in TVB dramas.

My favourite genre for TVBs is historical fiction, and though the politics, backstabbing and betrayals are oh so very emotionally stimulating, I enjoy a little romance in that concoction of emotions too.

Recently, I just finished a series called Twin of Brothers. It left me sobbing because my favourite character (played by Raymond Lam, who actually won awards for best (favourite) character) died. I guess everyone felt like me, and since he did not have a shot of survival in the series, he got an award instead.

If you watch TVB, you know that the actors are 'recyclable'. They act in other series', and often with the same actors. Being that I've seen their faces over and over again, the only way I can decide who are my favourites are through their romantic roles.

If they can make me cry and vouch for them throughout the series, the actor has won a spot on my favourites list. I would also take an effort to learn their names. WHICH, we all know, is kinda hard for a person who doesn't speak Chinese, because the credits are ALWAYS written in Chinese even if they have English names.

So in order to actually learn their names, I have to google it. That is effort taken.

Anyways, these are my favourites so far (yes, they are mostly guys because.... I'm a girl. Duh.).

Moses Chan
For his roles in Can't Buy Me Love and Beyond the Realm of Conscience
He's a really good actor with God knows how many awards.

Raymond Lam
For his roles in Twin of Brothers and The Sorcerer and the White Snake.
I just found out he has he own albums as well. That is talent right there.

Charmaine Sheh
For her roles in Can't Buy Me Love and Beyond the Realm of Conscience.
Yes, she and Moses played in the same two series and I think they make a perfect pairing.

Bosco Wong
I have no idea which series he was in that made me look him up, but ever since then, I can't forget his name. I think that has something to do with it being so unique. 
How can you ever forget 'Bosco'?

There you have it. The list is not long because not many characters leave an impression. Good acting put them on my list and I do hope it would get longer over time.  

As for the next TVB on my watch list, I'll have to wait for 2013; Saving General Yang sounds interesting, and looks good!

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