Thursday, December 6, 2012

First Class!


No.. I wish. 

But I am graduating with a first class cgpa :)

Not to boast or anything (pffttt..) but I have been holding my #1 rank in my class standings for my entire degree. I have also tried really hard to graduate with a 3.75 cgpa, but a 3.7 is good enough for me. 

To be honest, I'm not a smart student. In high school, I was an average student, sometimes below average. I never scored all A's, nor did I do well in my final exam. But when I entered university, I was finally studying something I was interested in and I started to take more effort. 

Throughout the 4 years, I have never been late for a submission, unless it is a group assignment (we all know how mishaps happen in group assignments). I made sure to take my work seriously, and I actually studied for exams (which I rarely did in my final years at high school.)

On top of that, God has always been there to help me out. No relational problems, or personal issues ever came between me and my studies. God made sure of it. I'm also pretty sure he helped me with my assignments and my exams; by being my inspiration and expanding my memory bank. 

Though I may not be receiving any awards, but the greater reward that I got from the end of my studying phase, is the knowledge that God has the ability to create success and lighten burdens. 

Besides, what better satisfaction is there than knowing you made it, and you made it excellently.

I have definitely learnt more than just theories and practicality in the course that I studied; I have learnt to trust God more, and to push through tough times. I have learned about determination, focus, and will power. 

University was more than head and hand knowledge, it was also heart knowledge. 

Now moving on towards a new phase in life, it may seem big and scary, but from all the heart knowledge I have learned, I know I can overcome and achieve my dreams. 

Nothing is ever too hard with God and passion :)

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