Friday, December 7, 2012

3 Words

Muggle. Quidditch. Malaysia.

Yes, you heard me right. I'm talking about you, yes YOU, you didn't get your Hogwart's acceptance letter right?

You're also so fond of Quidditch, you wished you received your Hogwarts letter just so you could mount a broom. But then you realize you are from Malaysia and, well, why would a British school give you an offer?

If you can relate to all 3 of those words, and secretly desire to play Quidditch, then join this group!

Many HP fans around the world yearn to have a go at Quidditch. In some countries, they actually play it! But in Malaysia, sadly, no one does. So, I decided to start up a group where all of us Malaysian Potterheads can get the chance to play muggle Quidditch!

Just click here and you'll find yourself in a group you MUST join :)

I hope to see you guys there!

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