Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lunch with...

... some famous people would be interesting.

When I was in my early teenage years, I used to be one of those who think they have the real celebrities' facebook accounts. I would send messages that said, "Hi, can we be friends?" hoping to get a reply.

This is extremely embarrassing,  but I honestly did those things.

After a couple of years, I matured and realized that these celebrities are working to entertain me. So what's the big deal about knowing them?

Though I do not go hunting for celebrities on facebook anymore, there are a few celebrities, or famous people in general, that I would love to sit down and have a meal with; not to drool over how cute they are, or how much I love their works, but to actually get the chance to see through their 'famous' outlook.

After hearing about them, watching them, and reading about them, one can only wish to grasp their true personalities.

So, if I could have lunch with some famous people, who would they be?

1) Tim Burton 

He can bring his wife (Helena Carter) and best friend (Johnny Depp) along if he likes. 

Why? Because he's my favourite film director. And I would really like to know where he got his whole film personality from. How he developed his signature, and how is it like as a storyteller on the days he isn't working.

2) Tom Felton

Because he is cute. The first time I saw him was in Anna and the King. That film was mostly shot in Malaysia, and it was the closest Hollywood film to home. He was so adorable in that film, that I wished I acted in it as well! I think he is the first British actor I've laid my eyes on as a child. 

3) Adam Young

I wrote a blog post about him, and that should answer why. But to cut it short, I want to hear his writer's voice. I think he is as much a writer as he is a composer, and that is why I love his music. It'll be nice to just talk to him.

4) Raymond Lam

Because I have been watching TVB dramas starring him and... I would like to know why he doesn't produce English music albums. He's cute too :) 

5) Last but not least, Joseph

Joseph is dead, but he's pretty famous to some. He was in the political sector in Egypt, back when papyrus was still being used. He has been a real influence in my life, and it is his story that inspired me since I was a child. I'll probably get the chance for a lunch date when I leave earth for another adventure.

If I actually take the time to ponder over this list longer, I would have more names. But for now, these are the few that comes to mind when I ask myself the question on who I would like to meet and get to know.

I probably will never get the chance to meet these people in my lifetime. But hey, there's always make believe; which, I so happen, to be very good at.

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