Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Not Ready Until He's Strong

Note: I never intended this blog to be running on a christian theme, but my life involves lessons and most of them are from God.

Anyways, about the title.

I have actually learned a lot in 2012 in the area of relationships, not just friendships but boy/girl relationships.

And what I realized was that I'm not ready. I'm not ready until I find a guy who is strong. Not only in physical strength (duh), but in spiritual strength.

You see, if I find someone who is not strong, I won't have anyone to go to when I'm weak (aside from God). I want to be able to count on him to guide me, teach me, and protect me. I want him to be ahead and in the lead.

As a christian, I know the enemy pays special attention to me in hopes to bring me down. He would find every possible way to weaken my walls and torch my city. Because I carry a voice for God, he won't stop finding opportunities.

If I start a relationship with someone who does not have much of a strength, how can he defend me against the shooting arrows and the flying boulders that come my way? That's no prince charming, that's prince running.

I am not afraid to say that my kingdom has weak walls, and unknown underground passageways, but when I find someone, I want to be able to share the battles with him and vice versa.

Like an alliance between kingdoms to help one another in a time of war, you would not make an alliance with a weak kingdom would you? If you do, be prepared to fight harder because your backup would not be of much help. They would probably arrive late as well.

So, I have made up my mind. I am not ready until I find someone who is strong.

I won't sign an alliance until I have seen the army.

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