Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Let's Lie!

Last weekend, my friends and I hung out playing tabletop games. One of the games I enjoyed was Coup. Coup is a simple game of doing whatever it takes to be the last one standing. You can lie about your identity and call a bluff to eliminate other players. 

First round, I won. No, I'm not here to boast. Wait.. I am. Ha! I won because someone lied, I spotted the lie, and called him out. I also won because I manipulated someone into thinking I was lying, when I was not. 

Second round, third round, fourth round, I made it as far as the last 2 players (if I recall correctly). Why? Because everyone was telling the truth. The truth prevails right? And when I had no one to call out for lying... the game was up to chance, with players having better character cards winning. Maybe I should have manipulated more, but the lack of experience was my downfall. 

One thing I learned from the game though, was that telling the truth is no fun... but telling the truth makes no room for lies. No one lied when everyone was telling the truth. Either that, or we were all just too honest. Personally, I did not lie because it was risky, but I did try to make people think I was. Sadly, I didn't do that enough. 

Now on to more lies.

I'm currently watching a Korean drama titled 'Liar Game'. I stumbled upon it when it was 2 episodes in, and I gave it a shot. After starting it, I became hooked. I freaking love that drama! 

Liar Game is adapted from a Japanese manga where a too-honest-for-her-own-good girl enters a game to win money. Each round, the contestants in the game have to lie, manipulate, and crack their brains on a way to win. They can work together, betray each other, or just simply trust; which proved difficult for everyone... everyone but that girl that is. 

What I like about the drama is the games thrown at the contestants. Not only must they twist the game to their advantage, they must also convince/manipulate others to join in on their plan. None of the games so far is an individual game, which actually reminds me of a Saw sequel (teamwork, such joy). It also shows the human nature and I tend to imagine what I would do if I was in the game. I would definitely love to play it though.

Honestly, I hate manipulating and lying to people; my conscience pricks me too much. But if it's in a game setting, I would definitely do it. After all, it's just a game... right? RIGHT? I would love to join Survivor for that very reason as well.

So how about you, would you do it in a game setting or are you already doing it in real life? Wait.. isn't the latter a telltale sign for psychopaths or something?

Anyway, one thing I know for sure is that lying is a sin. Let's NOT lie... unless the game requires it :) 

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