Saturday, November 15, 2014

How Do I See Them?

How do I see the characters of The Clubhouse?

I do have my own imagination of them, but I can't really tie a specific actor or actress to them because they are unique in my head. No one actually comes close to how they look... however, if The Clubhouse was a drama, I definitely have some preferences.

If The Clubhouse was a Korean drama, the cast would be:

Zach: Choi Jin Hyuk (because he's my favourite actor, duh.)

Jodie: Kim So Eun

Guinevere: Cha Ye Ryun

Matthias: Choi Woo Shik/ Jung Yong Hwa

Richard: Kim Myung Soo
(KMS picture on left; I saw him in She's So Lovable, and he grew on me.)

*I know, the age and age gaps don't match. It's all about the chemistry anyway, right? Haha!

If The Clubhouse was a Hong Kong drama, the cast would be:

Zach: Raymond Lam (because he's my favourite actor too.)

Jodie: Linda Chung

Guinevere: Tavia Yeung
(Picture on right; she was brutal in Beyond The Realm of Conscience.)

Matthias: Sammul Chan/ Ron Ng

Richard: Bosco Wong/ Him Law

*I chose an older cast because I prefer this generation of actors. The age gaps obviously don't match, but who cares. I'll make sure their age will never be mentioned in the drama ;) 

If The Clubhouse was a British-American drama, the cast would be:

Zach: Darren Criss
(Picture on left; come on, he has been hot since A Very Potter Musical.)

Jodie: Jessica Brown Findlay

Guinevere: Natalie Dormer

Matthias: Logan Lerman/ Skandar Keynes

Richard: Thomas Brodie-Sangster

*Why British-American? Because it's harder to split them into two. Age and age gaps don't match either, but I do justice with a younger cast.

It seems I tend to have double options for Matthias and Richard. Hmmm...

Anyway, I would actually prefer a more racially diverse cast. After all, Skypeak Clubhouse is a retreat to the world's cream of the crop. But, that would be a tricky task and I'm just too lazy to do it in such a random blog post.

In all honestly, if ever The Clubhouse appears on TV screens, it would most probably be in Korean. It seems the most appropriate anyway, even though I think my choice of actors might end up being changed. EXCEPT for Choi Jin Hyuk though, he has to be in it :) He has to be.

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