Thursday, December 4, 2014


I wanted to publish this post yesterday but I ended up delaying. I actually forgot about it! Oops.

Anyway, as of today I have lived on this earth for 24 years and 18 hours. And I'm still alive! Being alive means having things to be thankful for, so I've decided to write a list of all those things. 

I actually had to scratch my head a little, but here it is:

#1 My Best Friend and Mentor
24 years of blessing, guidance, love and support from God has been great. Sure, there were ups and downs but God has been faithful throughout. So I'm grateful for him being in my life. Honestly, if not for him... I would be a horrible person. Trust me, you do not want to see my dark side.

#2 Family
Father, mother, brother; what's life without family, right? I'm blessed to have a great family. I always put my family before anyone else because they matter the most (aside from God). I sometimes also use them as an excuse to cancel plans with people, yup, the cat is out of the bag.

#3 Talent, #4 Passion and #5 Dream
I'm thankful I have some sort of a talent that goes along with my passion. They give me a dream to live and achieve and I'm just glad I have something worth fighting for.

#6 Loyal Friends
I don't have a lot of friends that I can connect with. I've been betrayed by a few so called 'best friends' when growing up that I decided to scrape that term altogether (again, aside from God). However, I do have loyal friends. Friends who will listen to my problems and support me with my writing. They are the Hufflepuffs in my Slytherin life, and I'm thankful for them :)

#7 eBay
Yes. I'm extremely thankful for eBay. eBay lets me live in my favourite fandoms without costing a bomb. I love eBay, I won't deny it. It's freaking awesome. Thank you for existing, eBay.

#8 Harry Potter
Harry Potter, the only fandom where my love will never die. I have not reread the books in a few years but I'm glad Hogwarts will always be waiting for me. I went through my teen years with the trio and it has created so many great memories. Nothing beats Harry Potter, not even my current obsession with Shingeki No Kyojin. Nothing.

#9 Holidays
Now a working adult, I finally get the chance to see the world. I did go on a Europe tour when I was a toddler, and I'm grateful for the pictures taken, but I have no memory of it. Having a job and being able to save up has given me the opportunity to travel, and who better to travel with than family!

#10 Readers
Having readers who are excited to read your works is a dream come true. I'm so grateful for my readers on my writer's blog and I feel extremely blessed to actually have an audience. Knowing that my words are being read and enjoyed makes me want to keep on writing. They are an awesome support for an indie author like me :) 

#11 Rhaegar
Yes, I named my car after Rhaegar Targaryen. I'm not a big fan of my car because he's more of a liability than anything else, but he has served me well in getting me from A to B. He has heard my monologues and accompanied me in the jam... he has also given me the leisure of not having to take public transport. He has his flaws (dents and scratches, all because of me) but he's a good boy.

#12 Imagination
I'm glad I was born with an overactive imagination. My life is so much more interesting being able to imagine things up whenever and wherever. I can easily entertain myself just by diving into my head. It's so much fun :)

#13 A Home
I'm extremely grateful that I have a roof over my head. Sometimes, it's so easy to forget that many out there do not have a home. So here am I, reminding myself that I'm blessed to have one.

#14 The Future
I do not know where the future would take me or how my life would be in a month or year from now, but I do know I have a future. Good or bad, there is a journey for me to take and by faith I believe God has awesome plans for me.

And ten random, no need for explanation things:

#15 Rain

#16 Chocolate

#17 Running Man

#18 YouTube

#19 PC Games

#20 Fiction

#21 Nighttime

#22 Coffee

#23 Books and Shows

#24 Years.

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