Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Crazy Dreams

Apparently your dreams have to scare you. If they don't, then they are too small. I don't quite agree, but for the sake of this post, I will conform for a few minutes.

Based on this quote, the dreams I have now are too small. So, I think I should add more craziness to fatten it up.

Since wanting to be an internationally known author with books being made into movies is not crazy enough to scare me, I thought of a few more things I would like to do before I die.

Here is a list of other crazy dreams I hope to achieve:

#1 Befriend Raymond Lam

I don't want to just meet him, I want to be his friend. This sounds just like every fan out there, but yea. I think he's really cool, and me mentioning him for the third time on this blog says something.

#2 Be a guest on Running Man

I want to feel the adrenaline rush and the fear of being chased. 

I also want to try this thing called 'betrayal' because naturally, I won't do it in real life. 

Plus, the coolest part of being a guest on Running Man is getting to meet the hosts! I mean, come on, who doesn't want to meet them? (Especially HaHa for me.)

#3 Write a song with Adam Young

I blogged about him before and I stated why I think he's so talented and awesome. 

I just want to write an out-of-this-world song with him that will make people attempt at listening to the lyrics instead of just grooving to the beat.

#4 Play a game with Pewdiepie

I'm a casual gamer, and that says it all. I just want one game with him; not horror hopefully, cause I hate horror games. 

Just one happy game with Pewds and I'll be on my jolly gaming way.

So, those are it! All 4 crazy dreams that may or may not come through. 

I personally believe these dreams can only be achieved after I'm internationally known. Working in my current company may get me a little closer to the Asia fame-zone, being that I write a Hello Kitty mag (you know how crazy people can get with Hello Kitty, right?), but it still might not get me on Running Man.

So, I think I'll just have to keep working on my writing. At the same time, I can always plan strange coincidences where I get to achieve these crazy dreams. Who knows? They might work!

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