Friday, July 19, 2013

What Would I Do With 25,000 Ringgit?

When my beta readers got back to me on the ratings of my submission for a writing competition, I thought, 'How nice would it be to be the winner'.

I did not have high hopes for this piece of work of mine, because it was not the genre I normally write. But seeing that both readers (who are trustworthy friends of mine) rated 4.5 out of 5, I think I might have a chance... I might.

So lets just say I win the grand prize of 25,000 Ringgit, what would I do with it?

It's very simple for me:

#1 I'll use 10k to pay off some of my car loan. I hate being in debts.
#2 I'll give 5k to God.
#3 I'll save the rest of the money.

I won't spend on myself.. well, technically paying my car loan is spending on myself, but I won't buy new stuff because I don't need to. The money is better off in a place where it can slowly increase.

Anyways, these are just day dreams. To see if it really happens, one has to wait till next year for the results. (I have not even submitted my work yet. Lol)

If God willing, I'll win, if not, I'll self publish. Simple as that :)

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