Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rose Red: My Theory Of Its Beginnings

Stephen King has a way of creeping people out without the typical horror scare. Its always strange and bizarre when it comes to him, and I'm amazed at how he does it. I wonder what goes on in his head... wait, no, I don't want to know.

So speaking of Stephen King and creepiness, I thought I should just blog about Rose Red.

The first time I watched Rose Red, I was 14... I think. My dad was about to give away some of his VCDs when I found it. So, being that I was a fan of R.L Stine back then, I decided to watch it.

Indeed.. it creeped me out, yet it fascinated me at the same time. I wanted answers... I wanted to know how and why. I read Ellen Rimbauer's diaries online and it still didn't say much. But recently, I stumbled upon The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer on Youtube, and I decided to watch it. (Someone uploaded it in 6 parts.)

It was good entertainment, and it gave me a theory. If you have watched both Rose Red and The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, then this should make some sense. If you have not, then watch these creepy shows.

My theory for the earlier disappearances is that Ellen has a split personality. Notice how only the women her husband sleeps with disappears and not her husband? She isn't strong enough to 'make him disappear'. 

When Ellen claims the house is doing the job, she is the one behind it. She doesn't know of course, but Ellen IS Rose Red. When the seance lady said the house could read her mind, it was no surprise. Hello? Split personality?

Also, Ellen probably killed or hid her daughter. Being that her son was sent away, she had no one else to love. She HAD to do something to keep her daughter with her. Ellen's obsession to continue building her house is probably her way of distracting herself from what's really happening. 

Later on, Ellen kills her husband and both she and her friend/maid disappears. Ellen might have killed her friend and lived with her daughter wherever she was till she died... or you can just make up your own ending.

The point is, I don't believe the house had anything to do with it. The Shining was somewhat similar, but the dad was nuts, remember? 

You're probably going, "Then what about the time when the group of people entered the house and stuff happened?"

Well, THAT is paranormal already. How many people have died in that house by then? The house was just a house when it started off, but after all the deaths... who knows what has become of it.

Mind you, I don't believe in ghosts, but this is a horror story so I have to get with the program. 

Anyways, do you have a theory? What is it? I want to know :)

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