Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Last Night's Dream #1 Kill Zombies With Sticks

I’ve decided that since I have some really weird dreams, I should blog about it. So here’s last night’s dream.

I’m in a colony of army members that live to fight zombies. We would wait them out and whack them when they break into our base, which looks like an open area of a street in the city.

I say whack them because we literally use short sticks to kill them. Magically, we managed to wipe all the zombies out that broke into our base during the dream.

Then, I was in this crowded bunker that looked like a shop mixed café and I’m manoeuvring through the crammed space, while calling a friend by her name.

She said, “Don’t call me Ai Yu.” (Aiyu jelly… just saying)

Apparently, only one person can call her that. Funny fact, that’s not her real name. It then dawned on me and I stated her real name (which I would not say here, because she’s a really old friend and she might wonder why I’m dreaming about her all of a sudden) and she said nothing.

There was also this hot bod guy who had some rank in our army colony. He is in some form of relationship with me but I’m not sure what.

After those few things were established, the dream ended. I woke up and dragged myself out of bed wishing I could sleep longer.

The end.

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