Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Writer's Dilemma

Here’s a confession.

I’m tired of fan fictions.

I know this would not make my readers happy, as they seem to enjoy them, but it is starting to bore me.

I started writing fan fictions as a way to deal with my PPD (Post Potter Depression). It then slowly became a platform for me to practice my writing. I’ve gotten tons of subscribers because of my fan fictions and it was, and still is, a pulling factor for my blog.

Honestly, it was once very fun to write. I would look forward to my next crazy idea and it didn’t take much brain squeezing. Today, I struggle with writing more than 100 words for each chapter in my current running fan fiction. I feel like I have to force the chapters and at the end of each, I know they are not good.

Forced work.. is horrible work. Fact.

Exactly how I feel when it comes to writing fan fictions. 
Personally, I dont wanna stop the current fan fiction because I’ve already started it. I don’t like doing things half way and I’m the kind of person that tries my best to complete something once I’ve started. I’m not sure how I would be able to complete this fan fiction, but I’m going to try.

If you ask me, I want to be able to write more original works on my blog, more short stories or mini series’, but I’m afraid I would lose my pulling factor. This got me thinking... what and who am I writing for?

I write for myself and my readers too... but who is more important? Why am I so worried of losing my readers? Why should I be worried in the first place? Do I really wanna continue riding off someone else’s wave (J.K Rowling’s in this context), or do I want to take a risk and ride on my own wave?

I guess every creative person would come to this stage. How do you balance doing what’s fun with what your readers want? Tough question to answer.

For now, I’ll just try to get the fan fiction going but I’ll put more love and effort into my own works.

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