Friday, November 25, 2011


Dear God,

7pm marks of the time of which my book cover would start printing. And I am fearful it might not come out the way it should be, since I did not get the chance to see it yet. The printer asked me to trust her, but I declare that my faith is not in men but in You.

1k copies is a lot, and I would not deny that I am very worried that it would not come out the way it should. But this book has been under your supervision since it started and I pray that you would take over this last task at making sure the cover is perfect. I may not be there to see the outcome, but I pray that you would have your eyes on it and that you would help me guide the printers to make the book cover good.

Please help me and assure me that everything is going to come out the way it is suppose to be. I do not have any control as of now, and I have faith that you will always have my back.

I'm once again putting my faith in You oh God. May my faith not be shaken but be strengthened through your grace and love.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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