Friday, December 30, 2011

To Read or Not To Read

As of now, I have 10 books to finish. That's really an overload, personally.

Anyways, these are the 10 lying in my room and shelf, ready to be devoured by my imagination.

Warehouse Sale

From the BIG BAD WOLF Warehouse Sale. These four titles were only at RM8, which was too cheap for me not to grab them. Plus, 3 of them are in hard covers. They also seem to match my liking, so hopefully I can get to them soon.

Prizes from Competitions

Just towards the end of this year, I won these books.

The shiver trilogy was a random bookstore competition I entered, where the best slogan wins. I guess mine was the best :)

Bloodwood was from a fan fiction competition. I was in the top 3, so I got a copy of the book from the author himself.

Currently Reading

I'm currently reading The Child Thief, a twisted tale of Peter Pan.

I hate the cover btw, its scary and hideous.

But the contents are pretty ok, I was captivated by the first few paragraphs that I knew I had to get it. It was also on sale and my friend ended up paying for it, as an early birthday gift to me.

I'm kinda slow on this book, don't really know why. Its thick though, very thick, and I don't see the urgency to read it finish, so it has been sitting on my shelf for a week now.

I'm also re-reading HP5 on my mobile e-book.

I read 1 to 4 towards the end of my semester on the bus to and fro University and I just thought I should continue.

But since it is the holidays, I don't see why I should hurry through the book, so I only read whenever I feel like reading it.

Overall, I have not been reading much this year, I guess I'm more busy reading my own book over and over again, like close to a million times, that I don't feel like reading anything else anymore.

I also spend more time writing than reading. I guess I should get back to it soon? I hope.

Well, that is all for this post. If you have read any of the books above, do let me know what you think of them!

(Also, you can check out my recently published book here!)

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