Thursday, June 12, 2014

A 2nd Edition

recently went back to my first novel with a plan to release a second edition. The idea of doing a second edition is to rebrand the book under a collection. Hence, I’ll be doing a re-launch of the second edition around the same time I release my second novel (which will be in the same collection as well).

I’m far from done with the second edition, but I’m pretty sure I can get it done in time. The only question I constantly ask myself is, how much should I change?

The change the book needs is not in the plot, as I don’t intend to rewrite the whole story, but in the sentence structure. Just going through the first chapter had me changing a few sentences to improve the flow and the description.

Let’s just say, I wasn’t a very good writer back then. Some sentences were acceptable and those I do not touch, but some ended abruptly and had a very rough flow. Being able to spot all those now could only mean one thing; I’ve improved.

It’s no surprise that I’ve improved, but it’s quite a surprise that my first novel wasn’t very well written. Back then, I thought it was pretty good… or at least, I told myself it was. After all, you got to believe in yourself, right? For a first novel with no editor, a lot of people said it was a good effort… but looking at it now, I know it can be much better.

I guess it is now time to push out a good second edition. It will not be the best of my works for sure, as I can’t rewrite all the chapters, but it will be much better than before. Hopefully, when it comes out together with my second novel, more people will give it a chance. And I hope YOU will be one of them :)

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