Monday, August 24, 2015

Japan 2015 Trip Budget

This is the trip budget before leaving for the trip. I have a feeling that once we get back, we probably would have extra yen. And if the yen keeps rising, with the ringgit at a low, we would make money. Haha!

Anyway, check out the budget below. I tried to make it as comprehensive as possible.

10 Days, 11 Nights in Japan
*At time of conversion: RM30.40 = 1000 yen. 

Airfare: RM1028.67
KL to Tokyo: RM477.50
Osaka to KL: RM551.17

Transportation: 27,000 yen (RM820)
Narita Airport Bus Shuttle: 1000 yen
Kansai Airport Rapid Train: 1100 yen
Miscellaneous Estimated: 6000  yen

*Nakasendo Transport
Tokyo to Nagoya: 10,360 yen
Nagoya to Nakatsugawa: 1500 yen
Nakatsugawa to Nagoya: 1500 yen
Nagoya to Kyoto: 5600 yen

Entry Fees: 25,300 yen (RM847.65)
Osaka Aquarium: 2300 yen
Miscellaneous Estimated: 2700 yen
 *In-hand: 5000 yen (RM152)

Disney Sea: 6900 yen (RM221.33)
Universal Studios + Express Pass 5: 7200 yen + 6200 yen (RM474.32)
 *Paid in advance: 20,300, subject to bank exchange rate at time of purchase.

Accommodation: RM1435.25
Includes Tokyo, Ena, Kyoto and Osaka.
View itinerary for number of nights spent in each place.

Food: 33,000 yen (RM1003)

Total Per Person: RM 5134.57

The 'priciest' part is the entry fees, especially to the theme parks and the additional Express Pass. Most people wouldn't go for both Disney Sea and Universal Studios. I, on the other hand, am a big Harry Potter buff, so USJ is a must on my list. Should you wish to remove one of those two places from your own trip, the whole budget goes below RM5000.

So there you have it! Who said going to Japan is expensive? 

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