Monday, July 25, 2016

Finally... Taiwan

Remember when the plan was to go to Taiwan after Japan, but then the plan changed to Tasmania? The plan changed again. Well... kind of.

After coming home from Tasmania, the initial goal was to head to Taiwan next. But with the distraction of Club Med Hokkaido, and the pictures of a friend who'd been to Hokkaido in May, Taiwan was backlogged once more. One of the main reasons why Taiwan was pushed back (well, technically pushed forward) was because there isn't a lot of places and sights in Taiwan that can fill a 10-day itinerary. You're probably going, "Are you kidding me? There's so much to see and do in Taiwan!" Well, places of interest are subjective. 

Anyway, my family (actually, just my mum and I) decided that we'll skip Taiwan and visit Hokkaido instead. The plan was: Hokkaido - next year during my brother's semester break. But as wanderlusters, we couldn't go a whole year without traveling. So my dad, who has also caught the travel bug, suggested a short holiday before Hokkaido. That's when Taiwan returned to the picture. 

The initial thought was to visit Khao Yai. However, Khao Yai felt more of a stressful holiday than a short break, as one would need to drive to get to places. On the other hand, Taiwan is an easier country to navigate with their efficient public transportation. So Taiwan it is.
Water curtain in Taroko National Park
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We plan on heading to Taiwan some time end Autumn. We will be visiting Hualien and Taipei - a short holiday of 6 days 5 nights. Our budget is around RM2k per person and of course, we would be lodging in Airbnbs. 

The itinerary has been drafted and we're finalising a few other matters. I'll post the itinerary once flights and Airbnbs have been booked. But until then, this blog will chirp in the silence. Yes, somehow and unintentionally, this has become a travel blog. Maybe I'll blog about something else in the meantime... but, I highly doubt that. Also, there's my author blog, if you're ever interested. I'm on there most of the time.

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