Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Can...

1) Stand away from a group of friends and not care that i have no one as company.

2) Hold stone cold expressions worthy of winning poker games.

3) Visit my fantasy land while journeying home from Uni everyday.
4) Not make friends in a party.

5) Talk to myself out loud.

6) Win "Bluff" games and manipulate other players to take the risk while i sit back and watch them lose. (I seem to be pretty good at that.)

7) Scream and throw a fit at my brother every time i lose to him when gaming.

8) Get all annoyingly psycho-childish with people i'm extremely close to, like family.

9) Think of horrid gory stuff when i'm in physical pain.

10) Blog at this hour when i should be in bed.

That's a few things i can do that most people i know cant.

If you CAN do some of these, let me know. How interesting it would be to think of horrid stuff together in our disturbed fantasy land while we play bluff. How interesting...

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