Saturday, September 24, 2011

I took some time to think about you....

Sometimes i wonder if i'm ever worth your time... sometimes i wonder if i'm worth a simple text message, or a call. Sometimes i wonder if i mean something to you, or am i just another person you don't bother to think about. I would ask you these, but i wont believe your replies anyway. I shouldn't have given you so much.

And yet, if i state this in such an obvious manner, you wouldn't even notice i'm talking about you. Because if you did all these time, you would have done something.

From what i gather, you would rather spend a day with someone else rather than me. You would rather go out for dinner with a girl you just met than me.. or maybe i'm over reacting, i don't know, i don't care. Because between my head and my heart, both have come to a point where they know you don't care at all. So you might as well have left me out in the cold to fend for myself.

You are better off in my dreams, where you'll always be there for me, and your words are owned up to your actions. That's how you will be to me now... a dream in the night.

As far as i'm concern, the you in reality is just another person in the sea of people. Because you resemble them, finding me only when you need me.

I shouldn't have given you so much.

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