Thursday, October 13, 2011

Future Plans

I will be graduating soon. Or at least, end of next year, which is pretty soon.

I can still remember starting Uni 2 and a half years ago, fresh and naive. Today, I've learnt enough to know its not as difficult and not as easy as it seems.

By this time next year, I would be preparing for graduation, and the question I have been asking myself since the beginning of this year was what am I going to do after I graduate. I have thought hard.. and long.

What I want to be is a full time author, but I know it won't be possible, as of now. So I plan on taking on 3 part time jobs.

1) Author. Writing and publishing as many books as I can.
2) Freelance Editor(vfx), hopefully I'm good enough. That is why I'm planning my final year internship to be in an editing and visual effects house. I have just found out that I enjoy doing special effects.
3) Part time lecturer. Hoping to apply in a few Universities near my home. Apparently, part time lecturers earn more money than full time lecturers.

So there you have it. The 3 things I want to do simultaneously as I build a career as a writer and expand my bank account, hoping to produce my books into films one day.

These are just stepping stones and plans. The reason why I pile on 3 part time jobs is because I need a backup plan if one fails. But all in all, my future I may draw a rough sketch, but ultimately God is in control all the way.

I'll just have to see what happens.


  1. Hey, I wish you all the best for your plans! I think it's a good idea to go with these three possibilities. What are you studying at the moment?

    It's interesting to read about different 'opinions' about God. What I've learnt in religion classes was rather the answers to the Theodizee question - God has given us the free will to be able to choose our directions. But this is also the reason why so many bad things are happening in the world - God wouldn't want to interfere and restrict our free will by that.

  2. Thanks! I'm currently doing my Degree in Digital Film and Television.

    True, he doesn't want to restrict our free will, but personally, i think God's plans are always way better than mine. So I'll leave it up to him.