Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mulan Me

So, I'm one not to wear make up all the time, and I'm use to just the plain look with my specs on. But when I was performing a dance scene for last years Christmas Production, professional make-up artists came to make-me-up.

My friends who saw the picture went "ohh!!", "Ahh!" mainly because they have never seen me doll up in any way. I'm just too lazy like that.

But to be honest, I don't look much different. Just add the specs and release the hair and I'll look the same.

Today however, my friend posted up a picture of mulan in which someone did. The guy who did it creates one of the best work I have ever seen.

But as my friend said, the mulan looked like me. And i couldnt agree more. Most probably the younger version of me, as my kid face has more resemblance.

Anyways, here is a picture. Tell me if i do look alike or only people I'm close to think so. (This picture was done by Jirka Vaatainen)


  1. I can kind of see why your friends may say so, but as an Asian I think you don't really look like her because of the national differences... You look more South-East Asian, while Mulan is more Eastern. Her eyes and nose are shaped differently than yours. Her face is also much rounder and her skin is much lighter and has a glowing yellowish undertone, so yeah I think you guys don't look as similar as it may seem... there are many koreans or chinese girls who would look like her I think.

    1. I'm from South-east Asia alright but I'm Chinese. LOL. So does that mean I don't look Chinese? That's the first time I've been told so. Haha!