Monday, May 21, 2012

Doodle Books

I have them. I have 3 of them. Instead of pictures, I doodle words; poems, beginning of unfinished short stories, ideas, concept, characters, places, names, etc, etc...

I just opened up one of them today, and remembered I wanted to write a book through poetry, something like Dr. Seuss. I have already written 5 out of 15 chapters and I think I can finish it soon enough.

The best part about looking through these books were the memories of ideas, worlds and characters that returned to the tip of my mind. They are like old friends I have never seen for years, and old places I have never visited for a long time. 

It also reminds me of the vast world of my imagination that is still living and breathing in my mind, and though I may have not been there to clean up the cobwebs, they are like old generators, humming softly in dark abandoned warehouses.

I miss those worlds dearly. Heck, I wish I could expand them, but in my head, there are just too many that I tend to forget and neglect after time. Ah, the gift of imagination.

I'd like to think I'm unique enough to have created so many worlds in my own mind, yet I know there are many people like me out there. I'm not so special after all. But I would make it my duty to unleash these worlds into the real world one day, if I think they are worthy of exposure. 

Till then, I'll see if I can clean some cob webs up and share a few of my little stories to my blog readers on my wordpress. Or here. It depends. I don't have followers here.

Anyways, to those who are reading, which is probably no one, have a good week ahead! 

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