Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I can't believe...

...I'm actually excited over a free online course site.

I'm not a nerd, nor do I love studying. But there are so much things I wanna learn that I can't, because my parents have already paid for my 4 year education, and some courses are not available in my country.

So when I found Coursera, I immediately signed up to be a couserian. The amount of free short courses available which are taught by lecturers from renown universities all over the world, is just like a box full of good chocolates.

Yes, I sounded like a nerd again. But hey, I wanted to learn about gaming, myths, archaeology, and space exploration; this is my chance.

Unfortunately, I have to finish up my current education, in which it is already paid for, before I can commit to the other short courses on that site.

Till then, I can't wait :)

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