Sunday, March 3, 2013


Fancy banner? What, did you just say you like it? Aww, thank you!

Ok, so now that that shameless self pat on the back is over, I'm going right to the reason of this post.

If you have come from my writer's blog, you're probably wondering what this is all about. I actually have a post waiting to be published on my writer's blog about this, but I would only do it when the voting is up. What voting?

Well, I previously wrote on this blog about joining Kernel Magazine's 30 hour novel challenge, and after one month, my novella (together with 121 others) is finally up for reading!

You can read it by clicking HERE :) 

Raindrop is a fantasy story about a boy who sees a face in a raindrop. Did that get you interested? Go read what happens after that! 

Hopefully, within the next week, Kernel Magazine would put up the link for readers to vote for the best novels. The winner, may or may not, be published by Harper Collins. Sounds like an awesome opportunity eh?

Hence, I only decided to publish the post on my writer's blog when the voting is up. But before that happens, why not read my novel and let me know what you think! 

I do not know if I would be published, or if I even stand a chance among the other novels, but whatever happens, I believe there's a perfect timing for everything. Just like in my novel, Raindrops, there's always a perfect timing... even for rain :)

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