Monday, April 29, 2013

Growing Up.... Sucks.

I believe some of you would be able to relate to the above title. I for one, realized that stepping into the working world is not easy. It's definitely a big shift from university life, where the pressure only laid in assignments and exams. 

Since I started work in March, I had little sleep (treasuring my weekends because I need not have to wake up till my body wanted to) and my imagination was blinking red. As a self published author hoping to make authoring my career, lack of imagination is terrifying. 

On top of that, I was faced with a challenge at work that caused me to lose a grip on my emotions. When I realized that my behavior was reeling out of my norm, I decided to take a few steps back.

I remember asking God to only open one door when it came to getting a job. I told Him he could pick, that way it was easier for us all. He did open one door that led me to my current job. But after working for a few weeks, someone new entered the office and totally pushed my limits. I could not take it anymore, so I asked God to help me. He did once again... and got me a job somewhere else that not only matched up with my current job offer but also something more suited towards me.

Sometimes I wonder why God put someone so annoying in my life, but deep down I know it's a test; a test I failed. But God is good... and He's not the kind to let you suffer. He always think in advance and helps you by giving you a better alternative. 

See, God doesn't just throws you a float when you're drowning, He throws you a boat with food and water. That's the way He works!

Yes, growing up sucks. I have more responsibilities, I'll meet more challenging people, and I'll sometimes be drained of my own talents and skills... but I must remember that God is always with me. No matter how much it sucks, I'm not alone!

This years has not been short of God's guidance and presence in my life. I'll definitely have to blog everything God has done so I will not forget His faithfulness. Let this blog be a reminder to me that God is good... all the time!

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