Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weekend Madness

Since the start of this year, my weekends have been filled with one activity after another. This month, it gets slightly busier.

Sure, it’s nice to have things to do during the weekends instead of staying home playing games… but who am I kidding? I’m an introvert… I want some time to read books and do things alone!

Here’s what goes down during the weekend:

On Saturdays, I catch up with sleep and wake up around 10.30.
Then I have 2 hours to have brunch and surf the Internet before heading to the gym at 12.30.
I do some workout, join my mum’s Pilates class and then leave the gym at 3 to have late lunch with my family.
Lunch ends around 4, and if there are no errands to run in the mall, I reach home around 4.30.
At 5, I crank up my high intensity interval-training program for about 40 minutes.
After that, I take a break and by 6 I have to take a bath.
After my bath, I either have a meeting (for an upcoming camp) or a session with my church friends at 6.30.
I usually come home after that around 8 for meetings, and 10 plus for sessions with friends.

My Saturday is gone.

On Sundays, I go to church in the morning at 11.30, and then I spend the whole day with my family. No complains there. Sundays are more relaxed, but still less time spent at home.

What I wish is for more time on Saturday to read and work on some of my personal writings. This month and the next will probably not give me that chance.

You can ask me to make time, but working out is important to me and being sociable is a must. Of course… I don’t need to be sociable but then I would be called anti-social by some of the people I know a.k.a the non-introverts.

You can also tell me to get up earlier, but no. I wont. I need to enjoy my sleep.

And if you tell me to not spend time with family on Sunday, you can go kick yourself in the butt.

I really can’t sacrifice one for the other, so the next time I tell you I’m busy on the weekends, I really am. When I have a freer Saturday, my priority is to spend some quiet time alone. I cherish those moments and a couple of free hours make me a very happy person.  

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