Thursday, August 28, 2014

Finally, I Love Exercising!

I started exercising and eating healthy about four months after I began working. 

Working decreased my activeness and the hawker food was going to my hips. I knew I had to change my lifestyle in order to stay healthy, so I began working out and packing my own meals.

The exercising routine began with a set of Nicky Holender videos, which were effective for a while and helped maintained my weight. But, I never really enjoyed his program. In fact, I never really enjoyed working out. I do Pilates on Saturdays (my mum is an instructor so I join her class), but I don't enjoy Pilates either. I know it's good, so I do it, and the same rule applied to my daily dose of Nicky's workout.

I use a USA Pro skipping rope.
The rope eventually snapped from

the handles. Not a great pick.
Working out was more of a chore for me, until... I decided to buy a skipping rope.

I don't know why, but I love skipping rope. I love it so much that I pushed myself the first week and was down the week after that because of minor injuries. But once I got back on my feet, I trained myself for two weeks, perfecting the normal double leg skip, before I customized my own workout routine. 

So, here's what I do with the skipping rope:
- 100 side-to-side/front-and-back skips
- 50 single right leg skips
- 50 single left leg skips
- 100 running skips
- 10 single leg push-ups
- 15 sets of renegade rolls 
- 10 sets of plank oblique twist

That whole combo is 1 set, and I do 4 sets, 6 days a week (the day I rest, I do Nicky's recovery workout). This routine takes me about 40 minutes to complete, depending on how much breather I take in between. It also makes me drip sweat, and we all know how satisfying it is to know you've sweat it out for the day.

I still do Pilates and some extra TRX on Saturdays, but I make sure to do my own combo too. Why? Because it's fun. I don't know why... but it's very fun.

Right now, I just can't wait to get home to workout!

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