Thursday, August 7, 2014

6-Day Trip To South Korea!

I suddenly had an urge to start a new blog, and then I thought, "Why not use the one I already have?"

So here I am, blogging about my upcoming trip to South Korea!

I've wanted to go to S. Korea since last year, mainly after I became a Running Man fan, but S. Korea always seemed a little off budget. So last year, my family and I went to Guilin China instead, which was no doubt a very relaxing holiday.

This year however, we decided to up our budget to RM3k per person and see if we can actually make it to S.Korea. Surprise, surprise, we can!

You're probably going, "RM3k? Only?" Yes, it might even add up to less, but I can only tell after the trip. The answer to a cheap holiday is the word, 'plan'.

As a family, we dislike following tour groups. You have to wait for people, you can't choose where you want to visit, AND it's expensive. Since Guilin, no.. since my parents were caravan-ing around the world, we have always planned our trips. This round is no different.

We will be spending 3 nights and 2 days in Jeju Island, and 2 nights and 2 days in Seoul. The rest of the hours are spent on the planes. It might seem rather short, but we've planned to captured the best of S.Korea... and 4 full days is enough.

For Jeju Island, we will be getting a taxi tour guide. Not much planning needed as we would just go with the flow and take the 'professional' suggestions of the taxi guide. However, we do have a list of a few places we would wanna visit, but it might change. The taxi guide is also rather cheap, so you might want to check them out if you're planning to visit Jeju Island.

For Seoul, the planning is much more taxing, especially on my brain since I'm doing it. Unlike Jeju Island, we do not have a guide in Seoul. We found a hotel which is a 5 minute walk to a subway station, so we'll be using the subway to get around. Through Google maps, I've managed to get a rough estimate of the traveling time, but that excludes the number of hours we would be on our feet. I'm not complaining though, walking is good for you.

The places we are visiting in Seoul are; Namsangol Hanok Village, National Museum of Korea, Myeongdong Shopping, Namdaemun Market, Changdeokgung & Secret Garden, Insa-dong, Cheonggyecheon Stream, N Seoul Tower, Namsan Park.

I will post the itinerary and other details later on, since the trip is only in September. I'm just so excited right now! Maybe I'll blog when I'm there, we'll see :)

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