Friday, July 18, 2014

Swooned... Again

Have I blogged about him? Nope, I haven’t.

I’ve fangirl-ed a lot growing up. I used to adore Jesse McCartney, talk day and night about Tom Felton, and swoon over Raymond Lam. I’ve had celebrity crushes just like every other girl out there, but those days should be behind me. After all, I’m an adult now… I shouldn’t have celebrity crushes, it’s such a high school thing to do. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help it.

After Raymond Lam disappeared from the TVB scene, I had no one else to fangirl over. And I was happy, because I didn’t have to waste time dreaming of the day I would actually meet him. But then I stumbled upon a Korean drama called Emergency Couple and by the end of it… I knew I was done for.

All his pictures look so freaking good,
I struggled picking the best.

Choi Jin-Hyuk has stolen my heart. Raymond Lam gave it back and now Jin-Hyuk Ssi has taken it. Give it back to me, you ultra hot man!

It’s not his fault, really. It’s mine. I have no idea why, but I smile every time I see him in a drama. It’s like… I’m watching a boy I have a crush on in high school in a stalker-ish kind of a way. It’s scary! What am I becoming?

This is pretty much a confession that I have a high school celebrity crush on Choi Jin-Hyuk. I’ve watched all his dramas, except for My Daughter The Flower because I could not find one with English subs, Gu Family Book (which technically I did watch it, but only the episodes he was in. I know, it’s weird) and I Need Romance. I’m now watching Fated To Love You and I adore that drama so much. He looks so fine in it, and the story is rather humorous.

If I ever see him one day, I don’t know how I would react. I won’t scream, cause I’m not that kind of a fangirl, but I would surely turn red. Saying this, I wish I did not have a celebrity crush on him. Can’t he just be a favourite like Leo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp? Nope, apparently not at this moment.

Honestly, I wish I am more ‘adult’ about this. I hope this blows over soon… which probably will once he goes off to serve in the military. That’s both a good news and a bad news for me.


  1. That deep, velvety smooth voice of his though! *swoon*

    1. Ah, yes. If he had an album, I would get it. Haha!