Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Where To Next?

After returning from Japan, I asked myself, where should I go to next?

Prior to deciding on Japan last year, my mum brought up Tasmania. She then brought it up again after returning from Japan. Her friend had gone on a family vacation two years ago, and it worked out to be within our budget. So since Taiwan was all food and hiking, we decided Tasmania would be a better fit this time around. Why? There was hiking, food, historical sites (which I love), and it wasn't a bustling state.

Hence, the preparation for our vacation for Autumn began. I'll be sure to put up the final itinerary once the entire trip is completely booked. Right now, we pretty much have everything set, with some things already signed and sealed: our airfare and accommodation. We still need to make a couple of bookings, including a car. And my dad is watching the exchange rate for cash conversion, so hopefully the ringgit strengthens soon.

Till then, I'll try to put this behind me. It's still too early to get excited. Alas, I planned too soon :)

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