Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Tassy 2016 Budget

Firstly, let me just say that the budget for Tasmania is a little higher than Japan. The biggest reason as to why is the airfare. It isn't cheap to fly to Australia as it is to Japan, despite booking the flights 6 months in advance. However, just like Japan, I have an inkling we will have a surplus of cash in-hand at the end of the trip.

Here's the budget - as comprehensive as it can be:

11 Days, 10 Nights in Tasmania
*Do note that the ringgit varies with the currency rate.

Visa: RM36 (SGD 12.95)

Airfare: RM 1669
KL to Melbourne (return): RM 1130
Melbourne to Hobart: RM 240
Launceston to Melbourne: RM 299

Transportation: *RM 541
Car rental (Hyundai Tucson): RM 391
Petrol: RM 150

Entry Fees/ Activities: *RM 400
Port Arthur: AUD 37 (RM 115*)
Mt. Wellington Cycle: AUD 75 (RM 232)
Holiday Park Pass (AUD 60 per car): AUD 15 per pax (RM 50*)

Accommodation: RM 1367.50
Hobart: RM 614.70 (5 nights)
Scamander: RM 116.78 (1 night)
Cradle Mountan Highlanders: RM 394.50 (2 nights)
Launceston: RM 241.52 (2 nights)

Food & Miscellaneous: **RM 1575
**At time of cash conversion: RM 3.09 = AUD 1 (considered high)

Estimated Total Per Person: RM 5,588.50

In comparison with the Japan trip budget, we spent less on the entry fees which made up for the pricey airfare. Because we're trying to keep the budget to RM5K (which we did go over in fear of not having enough food money), we opted out on some of the other activities as well. Still, most of the outdoor sights are free anyway.

When I return, I'll follow up on the budget in the trip summary. Only there, can I confirm if we had a surplus. 

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