Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Airbnb Again! This time, Tasmania.

I'm a big fan of Airbnb. Since my last experience with them, I've become an advocate. What's awesomer this time around, is that the homes on Airbnb in Tassy are not only cheap but have a beautiful view too. Don't believe me? Well, check them out below!

*No pictures because you can see them on the listing's page.

Hobart: This one is really pretty. It certainly promises a million dollar view and it comes with free continental breakfast. Plus, there's a bottle of wine upon arrival! So take me there, right now!

Scamander: Roomy, cosy, will do for the night. As per itinerary, we're stopping over after a day's drive.

Cradle Mountain: There were no Airbnb listings in the mountain, so we booked a family cabin at the Cradle Mountain Highlanders for two nights. It's the priciest stay of the lot, but there weren't many options to begin with. Hopefully, for the price we paid, it wouldn't be disappointing.

Launceston: Again, an awesome view. No wine, nor does it look as fancy as the one in Hobart, but it's certainly cheap. Plus, you get furry visitors in the garden at night. And based on some of the reviews, a home-baked cake maybe? We'll see. 

After going through so many listings, I couldn't help but compare them with Japan. Unfortunately, there's no portable wifi offered by any of the hosts in Tasmania. I guess it's not their 'thing'. The hosts will also be there to welcome you, unlike Japan's self check-in method. It's definitely an insight to the way culture plays a role, even on a platform like Airbnb. 

Aside from that, the average cost per night is RM137 (including Cradle Mountain Highlanders). Airbnb lodging average (excluding Cradle Mountain) is RM121.60 per night - a little cheaper than Japan. You ask me why I love Airbnb? Well, here's your answer :)

I'll write a short review for each place once I get back. But till then, I'll try to keep my expectations at moderate levels.

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