Sunday, October 23, 2016

Choose A Place Already!

I love Airbnb. I've said that one too many times. But it isn't just the cheap rates I love, the act of home-stay shopping is also extremely fun. Though, occasionally, frustrating. 

After days of scrolling and narrowing down options, I finally decided on these two places for my Taiwan stay. There will be no pictures, as you'll be able to see them on the listing itself.

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Hualien: Since I'm traveling by train, I like to make sure I have a place near the train station. It saves time and money when your Airbnb is just around the corner. Thankfully, I managed to find this place. It doesn't look very fancy, but there's a big space with necessary amenities. Strangely, no towels provided. But for RM100 a night (per person), who's complaining. 

Taipei: Apparently, there's a lot of Airbnbs around Taipei Main Station itself. However, a majority of them are small and... room-less. I personally like having rooms. After switching up my dates, I managed to secure this spacious apartment. It's RM116 a night (per person), and only 10 minutes away by foot to the main station.

Naturally, I compared my chosen listings to my prior trips. Taiwan is similar to Japan in many ways. However, after staying in two wonderful homes in Tasmania, one cannot help but wish that beautiful houses and generous hosts are everywhere. Still, Taiwan lodging cost is the cheapest by far with an average of RM105 per night. 

As to how the homes really are, I'll find out once I'm there. And as always, I'll be sure to fill you in on my discovery when I get back.

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